Should I workout if I have a cold?

Should I workout if I have a cold. Sometimes it makes me feel better~:ohwell:


  • BerryH
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    The rule of thumb is if the symptoms are above the throat, go ahead. Chesty cough or temperature then rest up.

    Feel better soon!
  • BrianSharpe
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    The general rule is if it's a head cold go for it. If it's in your chest take some rest.

    If your workout includes going to a gym you may not be too popular showing up with a cold......
  • pittskaa
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    i would do a home workout, don't go to a gym and get the rest of the world sick lol
  • if you feel up to it,work out,if not try some gentle excercises ,just listen to how your body feels :flowerforyou:
  • Rosered3333
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    If you think you're still contagious (fatigue, lethargy, sneezing all over the place), I would stay home, but if it's the tail end of a cold, I would work out. That usually makes me feel better too!

    Get some rest too!
  • Happylady123
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    Keeping my germs to myself. I workout at home anyway. I used to be a faithful member of Gold's Gym. Now I wonder why. I get so much less bored doing my own thing... biking, running, Pilates, etc. Thanks for the reply.
  • thebigcb
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    No, best not too
  • Quasita
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    My doctor told me that even if you have chest/lung symptoms, if you feel up to working out you should. I had pneumonia once and was encouraged to continue being active and being in the opera I was in at the time, because the deep breathing helps clear out the fluids and junk that is building up in there.

    MY rule of thumb is, if I stay home, I stay home from everything. If I can go to work, I do my thing. Even a head cold can warrant a rest day. It depends on how you feel. If you start a workout and you feel ill, stop. Also make sure to drink plenty of water, more than usual... If you're ill, you could have a mild fever and such that is requiring more fluids.
  • Rhea30
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    If you feel you can then I don't see a problem with it as long you don't have a fever. Just got light on the workout
  • if I am running a fever (extreamly rare that I do) then I will not workout, if it is just SNOT CITY then I will ... it is so very rare that I get sick anymore, but man it is annoying stopping the freaking dvd to blow the nose every few moments... lol better out then in!!
  • mommyhof3
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    I have a chest cold right now and I took a couple of days off. I started back yesterday with weights and today will be my first cardio. I am going to see how it goes. If I have a coughing fit then I will stop. I don't like to miss any workouts