My NSV this week

So Ive been eating healthier, watching portion sizes, working out a lil and generally adjusting to this new lifestyle. As my ticker says, Ive dropped about 35 pounds since July 12...maybe a lil more, I havent scaled laterly

My first NSV were the difference in how my tight jeans felt, and my cute lil baby-doll type blouses felt and looked. People I work with making remarks about the change was such a boost.

Now, a couple weeks later...........

over a month of eating extremely better and healthier than ever before
just a month of doing some minor working out each night (minus 1 night throughout this time frame)

I am a type 2 diabetic. I have lots of titanium joints, pin, plates and screws from my neck to my ankles and this has obviously caused major mobility issues over the years. Add in major breathing issues from a mold infection a year ago but now on the mend. Ive had some circulation type problems in the lower part of both legs, ankle and feet included. This brings on some discoloration and swelling in both legs from the knee down

Since working out this last month or so...................the swelling itself is going away, not a lot but noticeable..and the discoloration, burning and stinging in both calves is less than half as bad as it was. I can see a noticeable change as well as feeling it. THIS can only be a good thing and should continue to get better

This may sound absolutely trivial and minor to most of you but its not to me. Its a great big thing for me. It means what Im doing here at MFP and in my world is working!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA ME huh??

How 'bout a lil prayer for me that Im strong enough to keep it up and increase the weight loss?? I need me to be adult kids need grand kids need it.


  • nkrueger1
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    awesome're doing great...and your right the MFP site is a great motivator with lots of supportive people...:drinker:
  • jerbear1962
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    None of that was was all great....gotta love those NSV's ....hopefully each day will get better and better...good luck, Jerry
  • rjsimpson2002
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    Made me so happy to hear your news - you are definitely in my prayers!! YAY!! Love you lots :drinker:
  • TiffanieRandolph
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    You go girl!!! The changes we notice, see as well as feel, keep us all going!!! I will definitely pray for you!!! Congratulations!! You are doing great and are setting a good example!! I am sure EVERYONE is very proud of you for what you have set out to do and all that you have accomplished thus far in your journey!!
  • TrailRunner61
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    Sending up prayers for you! I'm glad that you're feeling healthier and you know what? It will only get better! I'm proud of you for working so hard at this, over 30lbs in one month is crazy good! Just make sure you eat enough healthy foods to nourish your body since it needs nutrients to repair itself. Again, congrats and keep up the hard work!
  • DawnNewton
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    Way to go!
  • yoovie
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  • hkevans724
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    Great!!!!! Just prayed for you! Hope you can continue on and feel great all the time!!! Feel free to add me if you need some motivating!!
  • bms34b
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    That's so fantastic!!! I'm so glad that you're sticking with it enough to see such meaningful results - I bet this will be enough to keep you motivated not only to keep losing, but to maintain, and from my experience that is the hardest part! Keep going girl!
  • PaleoRDH
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    YAY I'm so happy for you!!! And no that's not trivial AT ALL!!! I have 3 stents in my left leg and wear a brace on my left leg to help with edema (I have May-Thurner Syndrome and have suffered from left leg blood clots) and I too have noticed an improvement with the swelling after only 3 weeks. It's a huge freaking deal!!!! No one in this whole wide world is perfect and without problems, we all have crosses to bear, and :flowerforyou: all we can do is deal with them the best we can and try to be healthy, YOU'RE DOING AWESOME!!!!!
  • bkennedy1981
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    :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: Congrats to you!!! That is amazing. You give me encouragement. Praying for you.
  • KimWW
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    That is fabulous, Resty! If you kept this up while things were the way they were, just imagine how much better it can get.

    I am very happy for you. Keep up the good work!
  • dadzpeach
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    Yay for you!!! I love that excited/giddy feeling. Keep going!!
  • Restybaby2012
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    I have 2 NSV already this week!!! yayayaya ME huh?

    Yesterday while getting ready for work I broke a cardinal rule of my created when I started this lifestyle change. NO trying on "smaller" clothes til a "certain point". I hadnt decided what that point would be....I just figured Id know when I saw it. (DUH)

    SO............I whipped out a pair of jeans I quit wearing a couple months ago because I not only didnt like how they "felt" but I deemed them too tight to wear for work (office job) Well................yesterday they were calling my name when I went into the closet. I touched em,, stroked em, carressed em and just shy of begged them to STFU and leave me alone. was not meant to be so I ripped em off the hanger and laid em on the bed. I KNOW Im gonna be ticked if they dont fit it worth it to risk it so soon.

    Ahhhhhhhhhh the hell with it.........I grabbed them b!tches and slid my rather sizable portly *kitten* in to em. OMG......they werent baggy but they sure werent tight anymore...........they felt great. I happy danced all day

    Then when I got home last night and it was time to work out...I kinda didnt want to. I got slammed with a helluva head cold over the weekend. The kind where ya just wanna whine and feel fairly miserable. BUT I know me...I cant stop yet.....if I do I'll find reasons not to start again cold or not here I come.

    .........please dont laugh at me.......I know most of you do some hellatious work outs doing things I can only dream about but.......
    I lasted a full 30 minutes with NO breaks....I even kept hydrated while doing it. I almost felt like I could do another 15 but was fearful of pushing too far and then paying for it by getting too sore.

    BUT I DID IT I DID IT I DID IT I DID IT and it felt so FIQJ$%@($&*%$&%[email protected](*$&_$*%& good it wasnt even funny. Im not a morning worker outerer though gawd knows Ive got the time in the morning being as I get up about 2 and dont leave for work til 530 I just hate the thought of it. But I gotta tell ya.......ALL day long I look forward to working out when I get home.

    Ok ok ok........I'll quit babbling. Its just that........for the first time EVER what Im doing feels GOOD inside and out. I feel like its something I can maintain long term..not JUST til I lose X amount of weight.

    Lets do it people....................LETS ROCK THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!! TELL ME your NSV...........all of em no matter how big or small.....lets keep each other motivated