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Hello Hello!

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to join MFP, I've heard so many great things about this site and the support that comes with it. Please feel free to send me any tips or just say hi! I really want a friend to talk to throughout this journey since I can't really talk to many of my friends about this.

Anyways, hope you all have a lovely day :)


  • PurpleCoyote
    PurpleCoyote Posts: 24 Member
    Hey there :) everyone is pretty nice, and I think you'll find lots of support :)
  • Dws2003
    Dws2003 Posts: 9 Member
    hello nicole. Its always a plus when you have people that are in the fight w/ you. I luv this site!
  • emdf7a
    emdf7a Posts: 36
    Welcome! Like most people have said or will say, it is a great site and very easy to use. There is alot of people for support on here. Good luck!
  • ilovefood87
    ilovefood87 Posts: 41 Member
    Hey, i'm fairly new to MFP but i've found that the people here are pretty great. good luck reaching your goals. :smile:
  • aaddair
    aaddair Posts: 9

    I'm sure you'll love this site! Good luck!
  • hannahjaques
    hannahjaques Posts: 30 Member
    Welcome! I've used many apps/forums and tools to try and lose weight but I've found MFP has hit the nail on the head :) I'm sure you'll meet lots of people to share your journey with that are experiencing the same thing as you :)