Your username -- how'd you come up with it?



  • Leileth
    Comes from "Lilith", which is often already taken when I join a website. So I modified it to get mine, and most of the time free : Leileth.
  • miriamwithcats
    miriamwithcats Posts: 1,120 Member
    My name is Miriam. It was taken so I added "with cats" since I am a crazy cat lady.
  • tyrantduck
    tyrantduck Posts: 387 Member
    from an Eddie Izzard skit called "The Tyranny of Ducks". I thought that was the funniest thing I had ever heard and use it in some form for nearly every website I'm on.
  • FluffyToFab
    FluffyToFab Posts: 99 Member
    Because at the end of my weight loss journey I will have went from Fluffy to Fabulous!
  • Woodmangler
    Woodmangler Posts: 96 Member
    Woodmangler - I have been doing woodworking for over 30+ years, and one time I was making chairs that needed steam bent oak parts. A friend of mine saw me manhandling the steamed pieces into their drying forms and made the comment "hey, you're mangling the wood there... woodmangler..."

    Have used that name forever it seems... on forums or games or whatever...
  • Tracepa98
    Trace= My nickname. Full name is Tracy

    PA- is where Im from

    98 is the year I moved from there
  • StephPin2911
    Mine is the shortened version of my first and last name. The numbers are from one of my favorite Bible verses - Jeremiah 29:11
  • anwilson_83
    an is my initials -amber nicole . wilson is my last name and 83 is the year i was born. had to put the _ in because yahoo said it was taken without the _. originally made this email for my job about 8 years ago,thats why its nothing creative
  • CyeRyn
    CyeRyn Posts: 389 Member
    I combined the names of two models. Cye and Ryn= CyeRyn. I've used this name in a few MMORPG's too.
  • justal313
    justal313 Posts: 1,375 Member
    I spent most of my life being the non-threating guy who kept getting friend-zoned because "Oh, he's nice, but I don't think of him that way... I mean... he's just Al"

    Plus when I ever went to visit my relatives on my Dad's side he was "Big Allen" and I was "Little Allen" but with a southern accent.

    I never liked being called "Lil' Allen" so I've always wanted to be called just Al.

    313 is my birthday and I've had to add it to most of my online usernames because somewhere else there's somebody using JustAl and always seems to be me to it.

    I should have gone with 603 for my area code but that ship has sailed.
  • dalehall64
    dalehall64 Posts: 290 Member
    First Name/Last Name/Year I was born.
    With every site out there needing a username, trying to keep it simple..
  • xmacdonald
    My first initial and last name. I'd be xman but it was taken. I've been xman since before there was an internet and am always disappointed when it's taken.
  • 3foldchord
    3foldchord Posts: 2,918 Member
    I have 3 boys. When I had my third son, the Bible verse about a "three fold cord can not be broken" was laid upon my thoughts. And "chord" being like notes that blend together to sound nice....

    So, I used "3foldchord' as my homeschool blog name. And it is better for not being found here on MFP by people who mainly just know my current email, Facebook name....LOL
  • HollyAus
    HollyAus Posts: 251 Member
    L T 3 A G 4 S
    Less Than Three A Geek For Sure

    Less Than Three = < 3 = Heart = Love

    LOVE IT! I have a math degree! You could have done the square root of negative 1 for "i" lol Yes *raises hand* total math nerd right here

    My name is Holly and Aus is the first half of my last name that everyone mispronounces (usually it's Assmus instead of Ausmus lol) It's norweigen sp? and said like OZ. My students call me Mrs. Aus (OZ)
  • missworld95
    missworld95 Posts: 131 Member
    A song by Hole
  • Alliwan
    Alliwan Posts: 1,245 Member
    My best friend called me Alli Wan Kenobi because i ccould fix any of her problems so she said the force was always with me.
  • SoDamnHungry
    SoDamnHungry Posts: 6,998 Member
    It was the first day of a new diet for me...and I was just so damn hungry.
  • ritasice21
    ritasice21 Posts: 200 Member
    I found MFP about 20 pounds into my weight loss, from an internet search for ..rita's ice while looking for nutrition. I had to sign up to see the stats, so I did. 21 is the day my daughter was born. I had no plans to actually use the site when I found it back in April. Now I am on day 135 :happy:
  • heliumheels
    heliumheels Posts: 241 Member
    It's the name of a song by one of my favorite bands, Darker My Love.
  • tasiamere
    My name flowing into my daughter's name...Hoping my characteristics, values, and standards do the same as she gets older. Lord knows we could use some teenage girls with those these days smh