want to be healthy for Uni - doing it the right way!

hi i'm Amy,
i am 19 year old and have been struggling with weight issues since i was a kid, yo-yo dieting like there was no tomorrow and putting it all back on plus more as soon as i stopped. My mum has been trying to inspire me to get up and get moving for a long time and its finally clicked in my head that if i want to lose it i will have to do it the right way, no more quick fixes.
if my mum who was a 26 and is now an 18 can do it so can i!
I'm planning to go to university next year and don't want to be the"quiet fat girl" i was through out primary, middle and high school. I want to have enough energy to enjoy being a teenage as i have never really felt like one.To be able to go out and not feel that people are staring at me because i look fat and to dress in nice clothes that accentuate my body not try to hide it.
Summer is getting closer, just around the corner, and i would love to were a bikini as i have never been able to fit into one.
I don't have much support outside my family so anyone willing to give it please feel free to friend me, i hope i can help keep you motivated as well :)

looking forward to hearing your stories,


  • take it slow & steady :)
    uni will be a perfect setting for a lifestyle change, but you have to think about it like that- as a lifestyle change instead of a diet.

    i'm always here if you need advice or encouragement
  • thank you i appreciate it :)
    i know its finally clicked that i cant "diet" i have to change the way i live
    suffering from depression i used to just hole up in my bedroom i'm trying to kick the bad habits and finally gain some self confidence.
    if you need encouragement or just a person to talk to i'm here :)
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    Amy, I know how you feel. I would love to wear clothes that look flattering, rather than just hiding the fat. You're face, however, is beautiful. So, wear a smile, and keep pushing forward. Be happy while working toward your goal. We can help each other.
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    I've suffered from depression for most of my life, too. At least from the part I can remember. I was abused as a child, and always felt like an outcast. I know how that feels. When I first went to college, I kept myself locked in the dorm a lot during my free time. Please make sure you DON'T do that. I had so many people that were willing to be there for me, and I pushed them away. I'm starting to open up now... but, I still regret the wasted time. Again... I'm here if you ever need to talk.
  • omg the same thing i went threw in my life trust me your not alone i been the fat girl my whole life some guy even had the nerve to tell me that i need to get on fit and trim i hate being over weight i just think its stopping me from being my real self good luck to you girl and i hope we make it and reach our goals im 181lbs and i want to be 120lbs that's my goal
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    Here is how to do it right and never yoyo again. I have lost 7lbs in 45 days of pure fat (I'm watching BF%) and no muscle. This is the only way to avoid lowering your metabolism.

    Sleep at least 8 hours.

    Keep your carbs lowish, as much protein as you can (very hard to overdo), and have a medium amount of fat. This will keep you full and satisfied. Your brain is made of fat. Many vitamins are fat soluble and cannot be absorbed without it. DIETARY FAT DOES NOT EQUAL BODY FAT. It is your friend.

    Work out, even if it is just a 20 minute walk, every day. Do strength training which will keep you toned, build/maintain muscle which keeps your metabolism up, and make your skin look tighter once you have lost the weight. This will also allow you more calories. Change things up so it isn't boring. I do 30 day shred videos, walk, take bike rides, lift weights, cardio at the gym, etc.

    Keep your NET calories to AT LEAST 1200 calories. Eat back your exercise calories (though be careful not to overestimate them). There is a reason that MFP adds them on to your goal cals. I aim for 1500, and I am losing just over a pound a week without ever feeling hungry. If you don't eat enough calories and enough protein, your muscle will get broken down for fuel. You WILL lose weight faster, but look and feel worse, and slow your metabolism which usually leads to yoyo dieting.

    Eat the things you want just with smaller serving sizes, and only 1-2 a day that you fit into your day. Cutting all of the things you want will just lead to feeling deprived and ultimately failing. I ate pizza for dinner yesterday and for breakfast this morning. Breakfast was a mistake because I didn't have the protein to balance the carbs. Last night was fantastic.

    NO GUILT. If you don't do so well one day, try to determine why, and move on. If it is stress eating, try meditation/yoga/cuddle with SO or pet etc. If it is lack of food options, work on planning lunches and bringing healthy snacks. If you were starving, look at your macros and calories from the last two days and adjust

    Drink water! This will curb your hunger. If possible, drink a glass of water before you put ANYTHING in your mouth.

    Want a second helping or a snack? Wait 20 minutes. Drink a glass of water. Take a walk. Chew on gum. Brush your teeth. Still hungry? Eat.

    Do NOT go hungry. You will only binge at the next meal or the next day. Usually on something unhealthy.

    Soup is low calorie, fast, cheap, and very filling. Yesterday, I had a protein shake for breakfast, a can of soup with an extra chicken breast for lunch, and took a walk. Now I can have the pizza I want for dinner. I added the chicken breast to make sure that I wasn't starving when I got to the pizza otherwise I would eat too much of it. This also gave me enough protein.

    Listen to your body! For example, if your knee is acting up do low impact or upper body workouts such as swimming or punches. Take care of yourself, but don't use it as an excuse.

    To get a realistic goal for youself, read this:
    Some of it will be a repeat of what I said, but still great info.

    Edited to say: Feel free to add me if you would like :) And good luck!
  • thankyou my mum tell's me i'm beautiful but my shes my mum you know?
    its nice to hear it from others and eventually i hope i will believe it :)
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    thankyou my mum tell's me i'm beautiful but my shes my mum you know?
    its nice to hear it from others and eventually i hope i will believe it :)

    It is very hard to believe it at times. My mother always tells me the same thing. Actually a few others tell me that too... but, I've always had trouble believing it. I know how you feel. And... I still stand behind what I posted above.
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    As the waterboy was told to...."You can do it, all night long!!!" and so can you just have support from everyone that can help! have one push you to reach the goal you set
  • *lilawolf, awesome advice. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. It will definately help me along my journey!
  • Request sent! im feeling every word you wrote