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Looking for some cabbage recipes! Thanks!:flowerforyou:


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    not sure of your diet habits, but has a cabbage casserole that is frickin awesome!! it is supposed to be like stuffed cabbage, but is made more lasagna style in layers. Uses meat (I use ground turkey), cabbage, cheese, brown rice and some other ingredients. Check it out, it is delicious, made it three times already!! yum!
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    You can make many variations of cole slaw by adding other shredded veggies and using a vinaigrette dressing rather than mayo based. My sister made a jalapeno cole slaw for a Labor Day picnic that was to die for!

    I also love it sauteed in olive oil seasoned with black pepper, then melt in a pat of butter just before serviing. (this works really well with a mix of collard greens and cabbage).

    It's also a good addition to stir fries.
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    I just chop it up and saute in a little olive oil and minced garlic. Salt and pepper to taste. Yummmm!
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    Slice it, put it on a cookie sheet, brush it with olive oil, sprinkle with pepper and a little garlic powder and roast in the oven till its done. Yummy! You can salt it too but i just dont do salt at all.
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    Not the healthiest recipe but you can always sub regular bacon for turkey bacon. Saute bacon. Add garlic and more olive oil to pan. Add cabbage till wilted. So freakin good!
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    I use diced chicken and stir fry shredded cabbage in soy sauce . High in sodium but tasty and low in everything else. I put it over yellow rice for the family and eat it w/o the rice for me.
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    I looooove cabbage salads. Basic formula: chicken or tuna, cabbage, onions, vinaigrette made from soy sauce, vinegar, and olive oil (I skip the olive oil if macros don't allow.
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    Find an old Polish lady, you will get tons!

    ...My mom isn't home, otherwise I'd ask her ;o
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    The above is fabulous. A little bacon makes everything so much yummier.
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    Thanks guys!! They all sound good!
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    Bump so I can find this when I get home!