New & Looking For Motivation and Supporters!

Im finally getting my **** together and taking control of my body.!
im 229 lbs & my goal weight is 180 to began with.

Just looking For New Friends To Help Support/Motivate me & maybe I can help Support/Motivate some one too!


  • I just started to actively use this myself. We can do this!
  • kym123tx
    kym123tx Posts: 54 Member

    Yeah i just found this yesterday, i started weekly routine of 1 hour work outs yesterday i did day 1 (:
    today is day 2 lol and im sluggish hahha!

    How About you and your Journey?
  • tinad120
    tinad120 Posts: 267 Member
    I love giving/receiving support! Feel free to add :)
  • chivalryder
    chivalryder Posts: 4,391 Member
    Anyone and everyone can feel free to add me!
  • Trollivier
    Trollivier Posts: 67 Member
    You can add me anytime, opened to everyone!
  • kym123tx
    kym123tx Posts: 54 Member
    If Your Serious About Wanting /Giving Support / Motivation Feel Free To Add me!
  • mommyhof3
    mommyhof3 Posts: 551 Member
    Feel free to add me!
  • You can add me if you like! I am on daily and comment, etc. Anyone can add me! :)