From couch potato to fitness freak add me

Since January between P90x and Turbofire I have lost 19 inches!!!

This is my story

Hello my name is Angel and I am 39 year old former couch potato
I have struggled with my weight and have tried every fad diet there was and hated working out, I wanted that quick fix. A year ago heavier and out of shape I decided to try P90X however I never changed my diet and 66 days into I gave up I didnt see the results I wanted after that I continued to put on more weight after seeing some pictures of myself I said enough is enough and like everyone else on the planet in January I decided to lose weight and exercise after losing 20lbs through healthy eating I did some walking and other DVDS at home but it just wasn't cutting it. I would see the commercials and I thought I need to try that P90X again and finish it this time! After week one I thought what was I thinking I could barely do the push ups on my knees I hurt everywhere and never thought I would get better or even finish I would see myself in the mirror working out many times I cried. I kept pushing play!!! I got stronger I was bringing it! Push ups well I can bust out 100 right now if you would like :) If I can do this anyone can! I then passed the fit test for Insanity and have been doing that and I hate it and love it all at the same time. I love having muscles I love being strong I love being healthy. I graduated from P90X in August 2012 and I am so proud! and I want to help others so I became coach and began my 2nd workout Turbofire, I was scared at first because I have no coordination but I fell in love with the program and the music and I will see this through to the end 20 weeks :) I finish it before my 40th Birthday in December and I cant wait to start another program, my goal is to do all of them


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    Welcome and congrats on finishing a P90x cycle! You have succeeded where many have failed.
  • thanks I loved it
  • WOW! That's awesome! Go YOU! My problem is keeping with self motivation. Just reading your post gave me inspiration, which is why I have committed to using this site, to hopefully stay motivated by others success. Thanks!
  • That is amazing and very have such a strong will...I'm to the point I'm like that to enough is enough...I want to get fit so that I can accomplish those things :) time and patience
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    Request sent. :flowerforyou:
  • My friends at work talk about MFP all the time so I am finally here! Hello to everyone! I am Emily
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    My friends at work talk about MFP all the time so I am finally here! Hello to everyone! I am Emily

    Hello Emily, Welcome to MFP. You're going to love it. Everyone here is sooo supportive and motivational.
    Welcome Aboard...

    just copy and paste

    Its all Withering A Weigh 194 members all shapes and sizes men and women young and old we are very motivated and alot of us use My Fitness Pal

    We would love to have you