Before and after, Is that even me??



  • KittieLea
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    You are adorable!
  • I LOVE YOUR RACK!!! I put a rack on my bike. LOVE IT. I have a specail bag and baby seat that quick attatches to it. Nothing like a GREAT RACK!!
  • tnjackso1
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    way to look great...Cute outfit too!!
  • Tara1090
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    You are gorgeous! Congrats, what an amazing transformation!
  • kit8806
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    Way to go!! That is amazing! :) You are very pretty!
  • wellbur
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    You look beautiful, you should be realy proud of yourself :flowerforyou:
  • You do look great! You were always a cute girl, but it is so much better to be an ideal weight when you are young! Keep up the good work!
  • cgarand
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    Beautiful before and after!
  • SunnyLynnie
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    Thank you for the inspiration. I have to remind myself that it takes time but that it's worth it. You just helped with that.
  • jeddy3mcc
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    Amazing transformation!!!!!!!!
  • GabyG69
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    You look great!! Awesome job!! :))
  • KJoy7
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    Your adorable... I want to copy your outfit!! :) Great job
  • funsiiz
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    Good for are so cute:flowerforyou:
  • I are a beautiful girl in both pics, but your smile says a lot in the 2nd pic and your accomplishments are evident in both a physical AND an emotional way.....great job!!!
  • look amazing and you can definately see you are so much happier now. Keep it up.
  • DG82
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    Great job!! You look amazing! :-)
  • MMKE4ever
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    Look at you fabulous! Great job! You are amazing! :flowerforyou:
  • WOW!!!!! You look amazing you are an inspiration and motivation that goals can be achieved! Well done
  • jlgarcia85631
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    Fantastic you look great...
  • You look fab!!! Great job!!! Your smile looks so much happier now.