postpartum weightloss

hi i i am looking for motivation, i had my second son 4 weeks ago i have a lot of weight to lose just started MFP and walking. would love to hear from other moms share ur story tips and pics.


  • sinman22807
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    Hi! I just had my 3rd baby 6.5 months ago.. Im getting back into working out. My husband deployed so I want to look great for when he comes home! I need motivation too believe me. after caring for my 3 kids all day im exhausted and make excuses not to exercise. So I need to snap outta that and get moving!
  • I just had my second baby a month ago tomorrow! The weight fell off with the first and this time I have a few lingering pounds! I've also always had poor eating habits, so I am wanting to learn how to eat and cook healthier for my family! I joined MFP this past Monday so it's pretty new to me! Feel free to add me! :)