Daughter's bday party 2day- help me stay strong!

My daughter's 7th birthday is today and we're having our usual backyard bash. The house is filled with chips, cheese, candy, dips, etc, not to mention cake. I don't want to go off my diet today!! I weighed myself this am and was down another pound from last week, so that is my motivation. I don't want to go off course, and I don't want to bulk up from salty snacks before the guests arrive. :) I've been especially hungry so far this morning but I'm chewing gum and drinking water to distract myself from the food. Any words of support would be appreciated!


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    have some proteins.. I'm a low carber so I go with boiled eggs and cheese... and remember every time you say NO you are building that will power muscle.... give it a good work out today and you will feel GREAT in the end!

    good luck
  • My daughter's birthday party is today as well! And my favorite thing about birthday parties? Cake! So I'm gonna try and stay strong as well! Especially considering I will have family that will notice that I am not eating cake and will say, "One piece won't make you fat!"
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    Thanks for posting! Knowing there is another mom hosting a party today will help!
    I will probably have a small piece of cake, though, and have some 90 calorie veggie soup for dinner to compensate.
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    173 pounds lost, WOW! I will certainly take your advice! :smile:
  • if your hungry make sure to eat something "good" that will fill you up so you're not tempted to eat the "bad" food. I would stick with an egg white omelet, or even a bowl of oatmeal to curb the appetite, and it'll fill you up for awhile. As far as the cake is concerned, a small slice when you're serving it isn't all bad it's all about portion control and just to make sure you eat "good" the rest of the time. Usually when people deprive themselves something that they want they binge on it later and that's when the trouble happens. I've been doing my "diet" since march and i don't usually deprive myself anything i just portion it out and make sure it's the only "bad" thing i eat that day. no regrets and my cravings get satisfied. good luck at the party =D I'm sure you'll be fine.
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    Im 15#s down and the county fair and all its awful food choices are in town. I worked out like a dog- ate light up til fair time and went ahead and ate 800 "bad" calories that night. I was still under by 200- though I know I got NO nutrition that night. Not sure if its a win or loss- but sanity remains key or this cant continue.

    Eat your normal breakfast - or at least some protein so you are not ravenous all day long.
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    Strategically place "snacks" for you and anyone else who might want to be better at their diet today. Cut up veggies, unsweetened ice tea or seltzer water. If you have a better choice at each phase of the event, you can feel better about your choices at the end of the day.

    Enjoy the celebration that is why you are all gathered together!
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    Good job! Maybe take a protein drink (lo carb?) and eat some steamed veggies with a touch of cheese and spices, to satisfy and nourish you.
    I don't blame you about the salty stuff. I just HATE water retention:)
    ENJOY your day:)
    And have a treat:)
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    Eat your usual meal before the party starts...keep a cup of water or even diet soda *gasp* in your hand and drink it all day, it will keep you from snacking.

    Have a small piece of cake, include it into your daily caloire intake and than have a smaller/lighter supper.

    Put out a veggie platter and snack on that if you feel the need.

    Most of all, ENJOY! One day will not ruin your hard work. If you do and over indulge, don;t stress...tomorrow go right back to your usual, drink plenty of water and STAY OFF THE SCALE for at least 3-4 days....
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    I had my son's birthday party last week and we had a similar set up, chips, dip, soda, cake, etc. Carry a water bottle with you wherever you go, if you can! It'll allow you to have something in your hands you can ingest without it being food. I allowed myself little indulgences (a little chips and dip, I had some cake), but they were small and portion-controlled.

    Everything in moderation, ya' just can't go nuts! :)

    Good luck! :flowerforyou:
  • I always found myself really busy during the birthday party itself. Maybe you should try eating a small meal before the party...like lean protien like a chicken salad sandwich (make it yourself & it can be really quick & low cal). Make sure you have other options that are tasty to snack on at the party. Like home made chex mix for your salty craving, a veggie tray with low fat/calorie dressing, & apples/oranges/grapes to satisfy your sweet tooth. Remember it is a birthday party. It is only one day. One small piece of cake is not going to pack that pound back on you! If you feel you ate more than you wanted then leave yourself some time to fit in a walk, or bike ride. :) Hope that helps. Have a great day filled with fun, try not to focus on food...you will be amazed how little you will eat!
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    You guys are great, thank you for the support.. I think I did really well yesterday. I had a good lunch before the party with chick peas on my salad for extra protein. During the party I had a small slice of plain pizza (maybe 3 inch by 3 inch square) , a small slice of cake, and a Capri Sun drink. I didn't have any dinner because the party didn't wind down till 8 pm. (started at 2! Rockin' party for a 7 year old!) I threw in some "quick calories" for the chip here, Smartie there, but I was very aware of each chip and Smartie! So, I'm proud of myself. I had a great time and didn't think about the food very much at all. Thanks again.
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    Oh, and the first thing I did when the party was over was pack up all the leftover chips and crackers to send them away. with my friend. I think that having leftover chips staring at you for a week after the party is worse than having them there DURING the party!
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    Oh, and the first thing I did when the party was over was pack up all the leftover chips and crackers to send them away. with my friend. I think that having leftover chips staring at you for a week after the party is worse than having them there DURING the party!

    Awesome! Glad you made it through. :)