Only managed 15 mins of 30 day shred!

Oh my!!

I didn't realise how unfit I am! :(
After reading on here about some of the great results people have had doing 30DS I thought I would give it a go.
I was sweating madly, heart really racing, my legs were weak and I was starting to shake, I had to stop, there was no way I could do it to the end I would have collapsed!
I'm not sure now whether to keep with it? It has put me off that I can't go right the way through level 1 lol! What will I be like at level 2 and 3??
I am gutted. Can't believe I couldn't do it. :(


  • BelindaDuvessa
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    Don't feel bad, I did the same thing. Keep repeating until you can beat it, then move on. I can't right now, or I'd join you in getting my butt kicked. People get results with it because it's a challenge. Remember that.
  • Tickateeboo
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    See, this is why I am afraid to start. But half is better than nothing!

    LOL - I might start it and do each session over 2 days - the 60 day shred as it were! :laugh:
  • LittleMissRainey
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    Don't worry! We all have to start somewhere. I've managed every day so far (last day at level one today!), but I've been SO SORE pretty much all the way through the past week and a half. Baths everyday to soothe muscles, the lot!

    You can only do what you can do. It's brutal, I know! Just work your way up and level up when you're ready. You can do it :)
  • SarahCW1979
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    KEEP GOING! Aim to do a little more each time you do the workout and build up slowly. Ill agree the workout is an absolute killer but like she says, 'you cant expect results in 20 minutes without putting in the effort' (I hate her, Id like to punch her most days)
    Honestly, you will be amazed at how quickly your stamina improves, you can do it! :flowerforyou:
  • scorpiotwinkles
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    Check your nutrition. If you haven't fuelled you won't be able to work out! A little bit of carbs an hour or so before should help. I love the shaky feeling, the sweat on the floor and all that goes with it - it tells me my body is working hard. Don't be scared of it, work through it, remember your body is in shock as you have just woken it up and it wonders what on earth is happening! Good luck.
  • cazwillis99
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    15 minutes is better than nothing - well done for doing that. Keep at it and you will improve - this is just your starting point. My first go at 30 DS was horrific - like you I didn't realise how unfit I was - I couldn't even do the jumping jacks for 30 seconds without thinking I would die - it does get better I promise and by the end of day 10 you will feel so much pride in yourself because you stuck at it and completed the whole of level one workout :-) Then apply the same theory to levels 2 & 3 - and remember if you're not ready you don't have to go to the next level!

    Just make sure you only do what you can do and don't hurt yourself, rest if you can't keep up (which is what I did) and join back in when you are ready - you will get there it just takes time.

    Good luck with it :-)
  • LottieLou13
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    I managed 15 minutes of Level One a couple of months ago, the aches I had the next day meant I never actually went back and did.
    Just stick with it, I'm going to give it another go now and see if I can make it through the entire session without dying :smile: Even if I don't I will pick myself up and try it again a couple of days later and try and make it a little bit further than before
  • Dave198lbs
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    do it every OTHER day, not consecutive days. on the days off, do something else like long walks or something. stick with it. Follow the suggestions and go with it as much as you can. don't burn out by being macho.

    NOONE, including Jillian, was able to do that without struggling when they started either.

    hang in there.
  • MrsWilsoncroft
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    I have the DVD too and only managed level one for two days then I was in agony and I've not been able to put it on since.
    It's torture, I'd rather do an hour of aqua fit or swim lengths than put myself through that again lol xxx
  • SamEriksson
    When I started working out three weeks ago (with a different program) I was already sweating like crazy during the warmup, but kept doing it and I noticed big improvement within a week.
    I'm now doing 30DS. I can't do everything they do in the video, because of knee issues, but I do what I can and I modify. For example, I couldn't to the pushups, not even the girlie ones, so I did them against a wall instead. It's not perfect, but it's a beginning. I think it's better do to what you can and push yourself a little bit more every time than it is to take on the impossible, become discouraged and then stop altogether.
    Keep at it and it will become easier in no time.
  • chrlslove7
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    By day 3-5, you'll see an increase in your agility. One of the best feelings of working out is that point where you realize that you just did something you couldn't really do before. You're going to miss out on that if you stop. Keep going!!!
  • LifeIsNotADressRehearsal
    One of the best feelings of working out is that point where you realize that you just did something you couldn't really do before. You're going to miss out on that if you stop. Keep going!!!

    This is SO true - it really is the best feeling and it will happen for you - just have to keep at 'er!
  • jerbear1962
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    Oh you've already started, why give it up...anything we do will hurt. I bought a Total Gym and had to start on the second from the bottom notch. I'm on the second from the top notch have to build up and get past those first days, weeks or maybe even months. Keep at it you will be glad you did.
  • Kirsty_UK
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    so next time you try, you might manage 18 minutes, and the next 20, and so on - don't give up :)
  • Tatiyanya
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    Keep repeating the days if you feel it's to much and move forward only when you can completel a full work out without feeling like dieing. The results will come slower sure, might take 60 or more rather than 30, but heck, it's your general fitness adventure not a race. Better get there slowly than not at all.
    And yes, do check your nutrition. If you ate nothing at all there is no way you wont feel like dieing during workout. Eat an hour or so , lightly, before workout. Drink a lot during, have towel ready for wiping the sweat away and DON'T GIVE UP :)
  • Beverleyjaneo
    Last night I started Day One of Level One and found it hard and actually felt physically sick by the end!! I kept going and just modified and rested where I needed. Even though I felt totally whacked it also gave me a buzz which I hadn't had in a while and looking forward to Day Two......Keep going :smile:
  • Gemmax0902
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    I've just completed day 2 of level 2!!!!!

    When I started out 12 days ago I felt the exact same I barley made it through the jumping jacks in the warm up, but I'm stuborn and wouldn't let Jillian beat me., The aches went on day 5 for me and towards the end of level 1 I could notice a huge increase in my stamina.

    When I completed level 1 I felt so proud of myself and couldn't wait to get stuck into level 2 I even bought heavier hand weights lol.

    Stick with it the more you do the more you'll be able to do!!!!!

    Feel free to add me to help you get through it if you want

    Gemma x
  • kcoftx
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    When I first started, I played the entire video BUT i could not complete all the reps of all the exercises. It would probably be a fair assessment to say I only completed roughly half. I was stopping and grabbing a drink or trying to breathe! It does get better. Aim to do a little more each time. Different people come to this video with varying experiences and levels of fitness. But it is challenging for newbies. Keep pushing. Learn how to do the 3 part yoga breaths (google). Breathing properly will help.

    Oh and in the beginning of each stage, there were exercises where I had to modify the modification! But always by the end of it, I had most of the exercises down pact and some of them without any modifications.

    I didn't do 30 days straight. I think I did 2 days on and 1 day off (as I read that was suggested by Julian herself).
  • chooriyah
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    I was exactly the same. Honestly for the first four days I struggled or failed to make it through. And I was SO MUCH PAIN the next day, particularly my poor thighs.

    Stick with it! The amazing thing is that by day 5, you will be able to get through the whole thing. By day 9, you will be kinda bored (still sweating and panting and almost dying) and ready to move up to level 2.

    On level 2 you'll probably feel the same despair and frustration for the first few days, but then feel so proud of yourself when a few days later you can make it through the whole video (this is where I am now).

    Push on through! I am only half way through and I have seen inches come off. Remember that it is an intense workout, and don't let your brain shout negative things at you. For me, this is 80% of the battle...
  • LauraMcCourt
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    Personally I think that 'I can't' or 'I couldn't' is the wrong attitude in the first place, do you think that pushing your body is supposed to be easy? I have just done day 2 level 2, & as Jillian says it's 20 mins for god sake just get on with it...if you want results that is...& if you give up then you didn't want it that much in the first place!

    Nothing compares to giving birth & if you are giving up on this then it's not right for you.