Today it's 3 months until xmas! 20lb challenge anyone?



  • emilyas6
    emilyas6 Posts: 2 Member
    im soooo in. im going on a cruise january 6th so this is around my goal time anyway . . ill have an extra week or so to lose the weight i put on at christmas too. my familys big and italian and i know they wont let me eat extremely healthy at that time cuz there will be nothing for me to eat lol

    (my initial goal weight is 125 so thatll be fine too)

  • Count me in!! How will we keep track - regular posts here?
    CW = 245 (down 10 so far)
    TW = 225 lbs
  • omg. I'm so in! :)
  • Dawna954
    Dawna954 Posts: 183 Member
    Sure lets do this.

    Start weight (Dec 2011) 203lbs

    Start weight on MFP (Jan 2012) 199lbs

    Current Weight 182lbs ( up 10 lbs over the!)

    Goal Weight 162lbs

    I am in!
  • tiffinijo
    tiffinijo Posts: 21 Member
    That would be the best gift to self :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:
    I am in!!!! CW =158
    GW 138
  • SABollman
    SABollman Posts: 100 Member
    I want to do this. It is a good goal to work towards.
  • I'm in!

    CW: 182
    GW: 162
  • bhisken
    bhisken Posts: 26 Member
    Goning to challange you!!

    CW: 183

    GW: 163

    Can't wait to get there!!! For me this will be another size smaller in jeans!! WOOHOO!
  • I am in!! December is also my birthday month and my target weight is 145 by then :happy:

    CW: 168
    TW: 145
  • unlocke
    unlocke Posts: 149
    Count me in.

    CW: 185
    GW: 165
  • newmrsdec10
    newmrsdec10 Posts: 364 Member
    Perfect plan and right in line with my goals!

    CW: 197
    Christmas GW: 177
  • 200 and 180 by christmas- Im in
  • chrise2
    chrise2 Posts: 26 Member
    I'm in CW 198 178 by Christmas!
  • ravenwcatz
    ravenwcatz Posts: 105 Member
    Can I shoot for 15? 20 overshoots my goal by about 2 or three pounds, and I'm not 100% sold that I want to hit 115 anyway, so...

    CW: 132
    GW: 117

  • Count me in.

    CW - 168
    GW - 148
  • Lupuschamp
    Lupuschamp Posts: 22 Member
    I'm definitely keen to do this!

    SW 158

    GW 138

    Have come so close to that weight before, but never quite made it! x
  • NorthwestPA
    NorthwestPA Posts: 63 Member
    CW 179
    GW 159

    Count me in
  • I'm in....

    CW: 194
    GW: 174
  • Letty_c
    Letty_c Posts: 278 Member
    I'm in!!

    CW: 215

    Christmas goal: 195
  • I m in as well. it s time for me to get serious about this and I ll need motivation.

    CW: 216

    that would be awesome for Christmas, I have not been under 200 in a long time.