Hi from Oregon

How are you all doing? I'm a 46 year young working mom starting her freshman year of college and watching her baby start her senior year. I've been on MFP for a year now and have lost 35 pounds!!!! Over the summer I learned to maintain my current weight loss and have jumped back on the wagon, so to speak, since the start of the school year.

I've got some great pals, albeit a small circle, but I thought it would be so cool to build a support group from the Oregon/NW area. As you all know, we NorthWesties can be pretty crazy!!! LOL :flowerforyou:

I'm 5'6", 214 lbs and have 50 lbs to go. My goal is another 35 by next February which is totes doable for me but I've got to stay on top of the good choices.

Here's to you all :drinker:
Marie :smile: