Who wants to do 30 Day Shred with me?

Hey! I'm feeling super motivated to finally start Jillian's 30 Day Shred, instead of letting it continue to collect dust on my dvd shelf. I just started level one and I would love some company for motivation and inspiration! Together we can get through these 30 days!

I've seen some of the before and after pictures and they are just so motivating. I want to have pictures like that! Let's do this!

Who's in?


  • a5hnk
    a5hnk Posts: 10 Member
    Holy moly you have lost a lot of weight.
  • lmkuhn596
    lmkuhn596 Posts: 17 Member
    Keep us posted .......I walked all summer and lost 24 pounds and now am struggling to find something to keep the weight off. Would love to lose 16 more but would be content just not to gain any back til I can get out and walk again!
  • I'm doing a different one JM'S EXTREME SHED AND SHRED. But I'd love to start it with you and do some before and after pictures after 30 days. =]
  • i started the exercises 3 days ago!took measurements but forgot to take photos though so can do that today.but i tell you i can see the difference already legs tummy arms and shoulders i can only imagine what 30 days will do!!
  • sd75
    sd75 Posts: 49
    I'm hoping to start JM 30DS this week too - probs tromorrow will be day 1 .... so yes i'm in :-)
  • tomorrow will be day 1 for me :]
  • FR89
    FR89 Posts: 186 Member
    i've been planning on making another attempt.. i only last upto 5days.. but i really want to complete the full 30 days!!
  • pattiFM
    pattiFM Posts: 45 Member
    Yay! I'm excited to have some fellow.. shredders. ;) I think our best bet is to take some measurements and some pictures before we begin so that we have a reference, and we can check in whenever we want but I think it's important to get updates at each level change.

    I'm a great cheerleader, so if you want to be friends, add me!
  • xjmcx
    xjmcx Posts: 27
    I started last Friday :) I took photos and measurements. Haven't really noticed any changes so far, but hopefully I get some good results after 30 days... Time will tell I guess :)
  • healthyversionofme
    healthyversionofme Posts: 111 Member
    im doing level 1 now!
  • neasy23
    neasy23 Posts: 47
    yes, i'm in! i started d1 last friday. had to take a few days off for soreness! i need to buy a tape measure and take pics
  • kenazfehu
    kenazfehu Posts: 1,188 Member
    I did day 1 Level I this morning.

    Are we supposed to do this every day? I thought we're supposed to take a day off between strength workouts.
  • aisenbart
    aisenbart Posts: 22 Member
    I just started yesterday. I really need some motivation to keep going!! I have started this several times but have never actually finished, so motivating me is highly encouraged! :) And I will do the same in return! Feel free to add me. I'll check in with stats after each level, and hopefully see some GREAT improvements!
  • SusieGirlRN
    SusieGirlRN Posts: 104 Member
    OK ~ I started this in addition to my Turbo Fire workouts, but did not keep it going.

    I am totally going to complete it this time.

    Feel free to FR me for additional support :flowerforyou:

  • ValerieJJean
    ValerieJJean Posts: 2 Member
    I just need to find my copy from my niece??? She's moved twice since i let her borrow it, UGH! I have a LOT of Jillians workouts, if I can't find it, I would do another one at the same time for the 30 days. Let me know!
  • healthyversionofme
    healthyversionofme Posts: 111 Member
    maybe we start a group, but our 30 Day Shred group can last 6 weeks allowing for 2 days a week off instead of 30 days straight...i feel this is more realistic...we can weigh in for final weigh in the wednesday before thanksgiving! ill start the group..it will start today...we can call it the thanksgiving shredders...just go to groups and look it up!
  • emileenapud
    emileenapud Posts: 7 Member
    I have ripped in 30.
    Im in :)
  • healthyversionofme
    healthyversionofme Posts: 111 Member
  • krnlcsf
    krnlcsf Posts: 310
    i started my second time through it last week. this time i've decided to use heavier weights than last time. WOW does that ever make a difference! i haven't been completely committed since I've missed a couple of days... but i plan to do it until the end of October, so no rush. :)
    and, i made it through Canadian thanksgiving this past weekend without gaining, so I'd say that's a positive! even having missed those couple of days!
  • I started yesterday! I had to take this morning off for soreness, but it wasn't has bad as I thought it would be. I'll still be able to hit the elliptical tonight and back to the shred again tomorrow morning.

    I'm not doing measurements or anything like that, though. I have too much weight to lose to be able to tell much different in muscle.