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Coke Zero Vs. Diet Coke

I've gotten bored of drinking only water, so I've had a couple of diet cokes this weekend. Kind of gross, but I guess it's good for variety. I tried a coke zero to see how it compared to diet coke. I think the the coke zero is slightly better than diet coke, but it still tastes like diet soda.

Anyone else have an opinion on Coke Zero Vs Diet Coke.


  • kevokie
    kevokie Posts: 53 Member
    I like coke zero more than diet coke but I don't drink that much. If I drink a soft drink, I drink xenergy. I can't even stand to drink a sugary soft drink anymore.
  • skylark94
    skylark94 Posts: 2,036 Member
    I find Coke Zero to be only slightly less nasty then Diet Coke. Artificial sweeteners are gross. I'm mostly a water drinker, but if I want a soda, I will take the calories and have the real thing.
  • emtjmac
    emtjmac Posts: 1,320 Member
    I drink sparkling water like perrier or poland springs raspberry flavor.
  • Gwen_B
    Gwen_B Posts: 1,018 Member
    Neither, i am just fine with water!
  • LuckyAng
    LuckyAng Posts: 1,173 Member
    I like Zero better. Now if I could just get my hands on the Dr. Pepper Zero I hear exists...
  • hooperkay
    hooperkay Posts: 463 Member
    I wouldn't drink either. Use to drink coke zero. Lost 15 lbs the month I quit. I only drank like 4 a day. Zero tastes better than diet coke. I drink tea sweetened with splenda after I have had at least 3L of water a day. I did have horrible leg cramps at night. They are gone since no coke zero. Aspartames has side effects of leg cramps. Not sure if it was that, but I had had them for years.
  • acstansell
    acstansell Posts: 567 Member
    I prefer Coke Zero to Diet Coke but I really like Cherry Coke Zero. It's pretty tasty.

    But, I need to start cutting back on artificial sweetners - I'm having a theory that they are spiking my appetite.
  • dellalyn
    I like Coke Zero quite a bit and have a couple a week. I used to drink diet coke but the coke zero has way less sodium so I go with that one .
  • ToughTulip
    ToughTulip Posts: 1,118 Member
    Coke Zero!

    Mmmm vanilla coke.... :D
  • MrsWilsoncroft
    MrsWilsoncroft Posts: 968 Member
    I've always preferred diet coke whether I've been dieting or not lol x
  • roachhaley
    roachhaley Posts: 978 Member
    I like Diet Coke because it DOESNT taste like Coke. Regular coke is too sweet and syrupy for me. No harm drinking them as long as youre not drinking like... cans and cans a day.
  • TheJarv
    TheJarv Posts: 30 Member
    I was addicted to Coke Zero, after everything I read about artificial sweeteners I think I'm done with diet cola. If I treat myself to a cola, it'll be the real deal and make up for it on the treadmill.

    Edit: By addicted I mean no less than 64oz. a day. Anything is fine in moderation and harmful in excess.
  • VeganBunny
    VeganBunny Posts: 9 Member
    I can't stand the taste of diet drinks but sometimes I'll have them when I'm fed up with water. Pepsi Max is the only diet drink that doesn't taste diet.
  • SamMorBelsmom
    SamMorBelsmom Posts: 164 Member
    You should try the flavored water from walmart! Its carbonated, so you get the pop craving you want and they have amazing flavors! I have recently been mixing them with wine to cute calories there, makes a wine spritzer!
  • kiachu
    kiachu Posts: 409 Member
    Coke Zero!!!!

    Cherry Coke Zero!!!
  • katevarner
    katevarner Posts: 884 Member
    I was drinking 3-4 Cokes a day when I reached my HW. The first thing I did to lose weight was drop them for Diet Coke or Coke Zero. I prefer Coke Zero, but until this summer, I had been drinking 3-4 of those per day. I have read all the stuff on artificial sweeteners, so I'm trying to cut back. Except for last weekend when I was out of town and not eating or drinking like I should, I've been sticking to one per day. It's tough, but I think worth it. There is supposedly a version of one or the other (maybe both?) with Stevia instead. If I find that, will definitely try it. Otherwise, gonna keep drinking for now with the hope that I can give it all up before too long.

    To replace the caffeine, I have started trying to drink green tea. Unsweetened.
  • zrmac804
    zrmac804 Posts: 369 Member
    i don't like coke Zero because the sweetener (sucralose) makes me feel nauseated. I don;t have that problem with diet coke.
  • gaylynn35
    gaylynn35 Posts: 854 Member
    Either is fine with me. Lately I have been choosing coke zero!
  • lisamariepickering
    I prefer diet coke over coke zero, but I really prefer diet pepsi over both. I also use that Mio water enhancer when I'm tired of plain water. The fruit punch is pretty good.
  • ClareWantsProgress
    ClareWantsProgress Posts: 173 Member
    I like Diet Coke because it DOESNT taste like Coke. Regular coke is too sweet and syrupy for me. No harm drinking them as long as youre not drinking like... cans and cans a day.

    ^^^ THIS! Glad I'm not the only one who feels that way.