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I'm looking for any feedback on DVD workout videos. I was using Wii golds gym dance workout, and i was doing it steady for 2 weeks, and then it just feels like its repetitive, not incorporating all that much new stuff to keep you motivated and focused and because of this, i get bored. My goal is 45minute fast walking a day, but i was seeing for days that i can't get out the door ( mother of 3), I'm looking to see if there are any good DVDs out there that you could recommend. Something that you have seen results with yourself,and that keeps you motivated. Thanks in advance :)


  • LadyVeng3ance
    LadyVeng3ance Posts: 236 Member
    30 day shred!

    Ive only been on it for 16 days, but I can see a difference :)
  • Mokey41
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    If you have a Wii I'd really recommend getting EA Sports Active 2.0 for a really good workout. There's also Gold's Gym Cardio boxing that is really good. I like them better than DVD's because it's interactive so you get some feedback on how you're doing.
  • Insanity! I love it
  • Alishamarie48879
    Alishamarie48879 Posts: 92 Member
    I'm almost done w/the 30 day shred...I've gotten amazing results. I'm doing Ripped in 30 next. I also love Denise Austin's Boot Camp...that is a great workout.
  • the pump it up dvds are really good x
  • knitmom71
    knitmom71 Posts: 21 Member
    I really like Leslie Sansone's Walk off The Pounds. I have the 5 Really Big Miles one, but there are several others. You might search YouTube for a sample workout.
  • LadyVeng3ance
    LadyVeng3ance Posts: 236 Member

    I am wondering the same thing ^^
    What video should I do when Im done with 30 day shred!
  • lalala06
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    Turbo fire!! I Love it!
  • laurasimmons
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    I lost a lot of my weight in the beginning using "The Firm" workout videos!
  • foodintent
    foodintent Posts: 12 Member
    I have a few I try to do, I get bored easily so I rotate through them. My favorite is probably any of the Turbo Jam ones, I really like the Fat Blaster one and Cardio Party #3. I also do the 30 Day shred. When I'm feeling extra motivated I do Insanity.
  • CoachReddy
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    the ones with the best success rate are easily beachbody programs, but they also are the hardest and take the most commitment and drive.