Possible thyroiditis - should I work out?

I woke up sunday morninig with the right half of my thyroid swollen and very painful. I went to the walk-in clinic and the doctor sent me for blood work (which I had done yesterday) and an Ultrasound (booked for 2 weeks from now). I forgot to ask at the time, and my regular doctor is on vacation this week, but does anyone here have experience with thyroiditis or any other thyroid conditions with swelling and pain? Is there any restriction on working out?


  • astrampe
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    phone the doctor's office and ask them - this is not the place to get medical advise.....Feel better soon...:flowerforyou:
  • gottabekd
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    I did, that's why I know my family doctor is on vacation. The walk-in clinic doesn't give medical advice over the phone.
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    I did, that's why I know my family doctor is on vacation. The walk-in clinic doesn't give medical advice over the phone.

    Is your doctor part of a practice? This is pretty generic medical advice (Livestrong and WebMD have advice around it, and you can seek it out there if you choose), but all medical advice is best from someone who can actually look at your specific case.
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    I have Hashimotos (nodules on my thyroid caused by an underactive thyroid). I would get the OK from a doctor first, but I can't see it being a problem unless you are having pain or discomfort. Its hard enough to get energy to work out with a thyroid disorder!! Maybe even stick to a lower impact exercise like a walk or bike ride!! Good luck, thyroid conditions are annoying!!!
  • Hey i'm new here... and i'm here because of my hashis... stubborn weight that won't shift! I do about 4 hours minimum of cardio a week and some weights. My doctor said it's no problem for me to exercise - even though i'm currently inflammed, having loads of symptoms including heart palpatations, and always tired. What I have found though is that I can't do the really hard-out cardio training anymore - it just knocks me off my feet the next day... so it's more of the less intense cardio combined with resistance. I do notice that I don't gain strength like I used to from the weights and I have noticably lost strength since the hashis kicked in. Add to that the aches and pains and awful fatigue that come with this awful disease and it's pretty much an uphill battle. The thing for me is that I love my exercise and without it I feel even worse. I've changed my mindset from 'get as fit as possible' to just BURN calories and be happy with that. So IMO moderate exercise is fine and probably beneficial unless you have something else you are dealing with... but yep thats just what I think (and do)... and i'm no medical professional :) Good luck!