Snacks while at work... Help!

I have a desk job, and a walgreens next to me and vending machines in the breakroom.
My question is... What is your favorite snack while at work? Or something you take to work to snack on.
Suggestions please!!! :smile:


  • literatelier
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    I bring in things like greek yogurt, string cheese, fruit, veg & hummus.
  • Ezada
    Ezada Posts: 207 Member
    Premade Airpopped popcorn
    Individual snack packs of Pistachio Nuts
    Hapi Wasabi Peas
    Baby Carrots, chopped broccoli, Celery & Hummus
    String Cheese
  • hockeydad725
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    Apple, Orange or a Pear for me. I try to keep my day planned to avoid "lulls" when temptation would start to creep in.
  • jharb2
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    hard boiled eggs, yogurt , string cheese
  • myfitnessnmhoy
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    I have a desk job, and a walgreens next to me and vending machines in the breakroom.
    My question is... What is your favorite snack while at work? Or something you take to work to snack on.
    Suggestions please!!! :smile:

    I pack a lunch daily, consisting of:

    - Turkey wrap (does not require refrigeration because it'll be out of the fridge for just a few hours)
    - Banana
    - Apple
    - Zip-loc bag stuffed with various raw vegetables
    - small container of mixed nuts (almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, etc)

    I have a decent breakfast before heading to work, and then around 10-11AM I open the lunch bag and start nibbling. I continue nibbling all day until the bag is empty, and I generally try to time that so I'm eating the last bit around 4.
  • gingerjen7
    gingerjen7 Posts: 821 Member
    I have a desk job, and a walgreens next to me and vending machines in the breakroom.
    My question is... What is your favorite snack while at work? Or something you take to work to snack on.
    Suggestions please!!! :smile:
    I stash healthIER snacks all over the place. Currently I have a bag of raw almonds in my top drawer, a bunch of bananas, beef jerky, and Popchips on my desk (maybe not your definition of healthy, but they're low fat, low calorie, not fried, and they taste great), and colby cheese sticks, V8, and greek yogurt in the fridge downstairs. Keeps me out of the donuts, candy bowl, giant chocolate cake, and popcorn machine!
  • ang3h
    ang3h Posts: 185 Member
    Almonds, pistachios, string cheese, homemade beef jerky, plain Greek yogurt with fruit and carob chips or sliced almonds mixed in..
  • jrmartinezb
    jrmartinezb Posts: 147 Member
    yambean, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks
    pistaccios, pecans, almonds, cashews
  • Madholm
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    I try to snack on fruit because it's healthy and has lots of natural sugar to give you that boost you need to get you to the next meal. I keep a few pudding snacks in my desk in case I forget to bring fruit with me. I aim for snacks with 100 calories max.
  • Cheese sticks, almonds, and yogurt.
  • kzooprincess
    kzooprincess Posts: 232 Member
    I too have desk job and understand the tempation. I keep things on hand like Special K crackers, almonds, Fiber One bars, string cheese, and fresh fruit.
  • kenazfehu
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    1) Stay out of Walgreens and the vending machines.
    2) Carrots and other vegetables, fruit, hard boiled eggs, string cheese, hummus and whole grain crackers. The possibilities are endless, actually.
  • LaurenAOK
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    I love to bring almonds, granola bars, string cheese, or fruits!
  • tararocks
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    I usually bring a snack for the afternoon to work, but i have to make sure its preportioned etc, when i try to bring boxes/bags of good for me, or decent things, i tend to go nuts. for example i have a box of kashi pita crisps at my desk even when im not hungry, i want to eat them, all of them, because they are there, however, when i have the box at home and i bring the 11 crisps in a bag, i find im good, so for me at least i have to be careful about jsut stashing in my backfires for me. I am however super proud that i used to visit the vending machine every day for breakfast, i dont even remember the last time i was at that machine, 6+ months at least...i like to bring
    special k or fiber one bars,
    popcorn-skinny pop or boom chicka pop is my favorite
    pita crisps with a premeasure serving of dip/hummus/or laughing cow cheese
    veggies-carrots, celery, cauliflower, peppers
  • mrsna
    mrsna Posts: 195 Member
    Bananas, apples, oranges, yogurt, almonds, string cheese, protein bars, etc.
  • Bess_74
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    In my desk I have:
    Fiber One Bars
    Sugarless Gum
    Peanut Butter (sometimes I just suck on a spoonful!)

    I brought in a dorm fridge because there were problems with stuff disappearing out of the kitchen fridge so a few co-workers that sit near me & I share it. In that I usually have:
    Low-fat String Cheese
    Light Yogurt
    Deli thin low fat lunch meat

    You could also stock up on turkey jerky, light microwave popcorn (if you access to a microwave), and rice cakes
  • wimeezer
    wimeezer Posts: 404 Member
    natural roasted almonds, lowfat string cheese, natural peanut butter, protein bars. And the ever popular light popcorn, if you like it.

    Walgreens is ok if you are careful and wear blinders in your 'danger' areas in the store :)
  • chocl8girl
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    Just break up with the snacks at work! lol...

    I bring a lot of the stuff that has already been mentioned, string cheese (or Cabot's sharp cheddar squares for 50 calories yum, or laughing cow light cheese wedges), fruit like grapes or bananas or berries, raw veggies with hummus or light ranch or yogurt-based dips, 100-calorie packs of almonds, cottage cheese (the Breakstone's cottage doubles with fruit are my favorite quick snack in the afternoon), or occasionally I will indulge in a Special K or Fiber One bar if I really need a sweet fix.

    My day at work might look something like this:

    Breakfast - one packet of Quaker oatmeal or cream of wheat and a banana, or a smoothie that I made at home and brought in with me (I have found that, for ME, waiting until I get to work to have breakfast helps stave off endless snacking later on)
    Morning snack - almonds and cheese and maybe a few grapes if I need them
    Lunch - usually soup and a small salad, or a small pita/wrap with lean turkey/tuna/chicken and veggies with hummus spread, or just a larger salad
    Afternoon snack - Cottage cheese with fruit

    Sometimes I need a second snack, depending on how many meetings I have had to sit through that day. LOL. I usually try to go with carrots or other raw veggies and some kind of low-calorie dip, or this might be the time I would have a snack bar.
  • MissAnjy
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    I cut up melon & bring it in a container for my morning break : )
  • jmc0806
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    greek yogurt or almonds

    right now my desk drawer is like a Blue Diamond almond store haha...I have Wasabi and soy sauce, dark chocolate , habanero bbq, jalapeno smokehouse