Will friends be the piece I've been missing?

I'm a 42 yo female with 50 pounds to lose. I have fibromyalgia so exercise on a regular basis is difficult. My mind is in the right place, but my heart gets discouraged whenever my weight loss stalls out. Not sure if the community function on MFP will be the piece I need to keep from becoming vexed, but I'm willing to give it a try. The one thing I can promise is encouragement for others. Apparently, I'm better at communicating than I am at losing weight!


  • theologynerd
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    It's worth a try! Accountability is necessary for some people (like myself).
  • prairiedawg2014
    if you want to add me as a friend plz feel free to do so. i will help you with anything i can.....if anything i will encourage you.....or kick ur butt if thats what you want lol! :flowerforyou:
  • floopysandi
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    Feel free to add me as a friend as well :-)
  • heidibowling
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    You can add me too! I think having a community of people to talk to when things get tough and to help celebrate your successes is the most important thing. I'm always open to more friends on here- add away, people! :)
  • yoovie
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    You should build up the strength of your heart, it will have your back when nothing else will. And to stand up and say you know your heart is the secret to your strength is a beautiful moment.
  • newcs
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    Feel free to add me! I've been at this for a while but didn't buckle down and get serious (and accountable) until I started getting friends and using the community...then it just kind of clicked. I lost the weight in my ticker (plus about 10lbs last year) just through diet so while being able to exercise regularly would be ideal, you can totally do this just with adjusting your calorie intake :)
  • belladonna786
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    It has worked for me. I had fallen out of the working out groove for about 3 months. Then the more friends I got the more motivated I got. Seeing them working hard made me want to move. Having friends on here is a HUGE asset.
  • Chastityx
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    I am 42 with 50 lbs to lose also, diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but not accepting the diagnosis and still looking for the cause. I am sporadic at exercising because of the pain, so I understand. Add me!
  • joeysox
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    add me i will kick you up the bum :D maybe you just need more support x
  • tubbyelmo
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    Hi, we have similar goals/age, I am on daily and like to support and encourage my pals, add me if you like ;-)
  • jparks341
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    Feel free to add me, love the community of MFP friends. Motivation and support is a great plus, it helps the process. Plus you can get better direct feedback on your progress. You can also look at what others are doing to help them lose weight.
  • Lesa_Sass
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    Hey there! I am in the middle of the whole lupus things so I know all to well what it is life living with chronic pain. HUGS!

    And yes, it does help having friends that hold you accountable. You will make better choices, especially if your diary is open, when you have friends around you that are cheering you on and lifting you up. Exercise is GREAT for helping with being fit and weight loss but not necessary. You can have and maintain a healthy body weight by eating the right foods.

    If you are not currently on an antidepressant I would like to recommend doing your research and talking to your doctor about 5 HTP, it has helped me a great deal, I have all but 2 of the symptoms of fibromyalgia and the the all natural 5 HTP is widely used to help with it. If you google it, you will see many articles on the benefits. Like I said, if you are NOT on an antidepressant currently.

    Good luck and fee free to talk to me any time you need to talk about being in pain. Judgement free zone here and I will NOT try to fix you or tell you what you need to do. God knows I am sick and tired of that too.
  • RychelleD
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    Having friends on here has made a huge difference for me. Feel free to add me if you want! :)
  • roguestates
    I've found the friends component to be pretty important. Even though we live in a fatphobic world where practically everyone is on a diet, losing weight can be a very lonely thing, strangely enough. You're welcome to add me. My overall goal is to lose about 50 pounds, 20+ of which I lost prior to MFP, and I'm still trucking along.
  • Gwen_B
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    I think friends do matter. I have been lucky enough to find supportive, friendly, easy going friends who all want what I want. To be honest, they are more interested in my progress than my Facebook friends. So MFP can be somewhat addictive :-) Friend me if you would like.
  • namluv
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    Weight loss and maintaining a good weight is a marathon - one that will last the rest of your life. The lifestyle change will work - it may be slow but you can get there. Friend me if you want; I am intentionally not trying to lose weight fast to fight getting discouraged and to start a relationship with food that will last forever and not be dropped when the weight is off.
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    Please feel free to add me!