Lack of excersise motivation

I work shifts in a residential home, I can go to the gym in the morning but only for half an hour due to starting work early, or go after work and have a swim too but have lost all motivation please help


  • pamperedpenguin
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    I'm in the same rut. Only exercised 1 day this week. Family issues came up and couldn't get the motivation to even eat anything much less exercise.

    All I can say is to keep trying. Also, don't think that you can only get exercise at a gym. Park the car farther away so that you get in a little walking, take the stairs when you can. If you're standing a lot at work, grab onto the counter and do some squats. Just do anything, even a little bit.

    Good luck and keep going!
  • bluefox9er
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    this happens to all of us from time to time..just remember that the thought of doing exercise id a heck of a lot harder than actually doing it. find something you *enjoy* doing so it becomes more of a pleasure than a chore...don't give up!
  • pholbert
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    I agree, you can always find a way to get a little extra walking in your day.
  • brunshell
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    I absolutely hate exercising. I enjoy walking but don't get much time to do it. When I exercise I gain. I am a muscular person from years of firefighting and EMT. It is very discouraging to see the scale go up.
  • stines72
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    I'm in an exercise rut right now lol no motivation and dreading it but I get out every day to do it
  • I finally put my exercise bike in the living room so I can watch television while exercising (and my husband is fully supportive). My attitude has been 15 to 20 minutes of bike riding is not too much to ask of myself on a daily basis. Of course now I usually ride about 30 minutes daily. But on those days when I am tired or lack motivation, I can usually get on the bike for 15 to 20 minutes. My goal is to make my exercise easily available so I continue to exercise the rest of my life. My parents are in assisted living and my observation is that the residents who make an effort to get some exercise and take care of their bodies have a better quality of life. I am a long way from retirement, but realize I had better start now to have a happy retirement when that time comes.

    Good luck and keep working to find a way to fit exercise into your schedule!!
  • Melionfire
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    This is what I say. There is always time during the day weather it be 10 min or an hour. And I agree with the fact that the thought of doing it is actually worse than actually doing it. I do a lot of dvds bacause it is convenient and the hardest part will always be pushing play. Once I have started I feel great and I am always much happier once I have finished. No one ever regrets working out. To those who get discouraged because the scale goes up when working out. Remember that is temporary and if you can get over that hump and stick to a healthy diet and workout schedule the weight will comme off. Remember Muscle is denser than fat so it takes less place but the fun part is building muscle burns more calories or fat in the end. So working out is win win. You are not getting fatter you are getting leaner. I was frustrated for the first three weeks of my program because the scale did not budge despite all the effort I was putting in but all of a sudden the weight started to drop. Plus, Working out can become a healthy addiction. It releases endorphins, promotes happiness, gives you more energy. I have soooo much more energy since I started exercising daily. I use to nap re3gularly and was always tired and now it is rare that I feel fatigued. Just remind yourself of all the positives of working out when ever you feel less motivated.
  • Melionfire
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    Also, I work 3 jobs and take university courses so my time is very tight. I use to make excuses but now I know I have to chose to do it and make it part of my schedule just like my jobs and school. Sometimes this means getting up at 445 and sometimes it means getting it in in between jobs. But it has to be a priority if you want to see a change. I have been the one who is 80 pounds overweight and feeling sorry for myself and beleive me it does not work. The only way to see change is to make that change. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!!
  • stines72
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    oh and something to add... even if youre tired youll feel better halfway into your workout usually
  • I was in a rut all this past week. Just wanted to stay in bed all day. But I finally dragged my butt to the gym. I kept telling myself "you only have to do 20 minutes" or "you only have to go so fast." But by the time I got there and got into it I went longer and faster than I told myself I had to. I agree, thinking about exercise is so much harder than actually exercising.