Eating out.

Let's face it. Sometimes we're just lazy and eating out is a quick option.

What places seem to be your "go to" when you grab something on the go? What do you normally get?


  • Pandasarecool
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  • Erienneb
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    Wendys ultimate chicken grill. It's tasty (I like the honey mustard), filling, and while higher in sodium, it's 390 calories and on days I just am running around like crazy, I can work it into my calories.
  • isabellecmiranda
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    Panera. Can't live without it! easy website, healthier choices lower cals, be sure to take advantage of the 1/2 protions!!! they are filling.
  • kayduro
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    Costco-chicken Caesar Salad.
  • kenazfehu
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    I practice eyeballing portions so that I can go out anywhere and estimate a reasonable meal, then leave the rest (or take it to go).
  • jilliew
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    Suuuuuubway! Sans cheese and mayo 6'' Turkey breast and ham is ~300 cal I think...
  • Bakerchk
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    I normally eat out not when I am craving it, but when I either don't have time to make dinner/lunch or when I am so broke and I have no food in the house. My go-to is McDonalds, because I can eat more than enough food for around $3.00 or Subway.
  • Slove009
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    At work, I hit up either chick fil a (12 pc no fries, w/ water) or a great, but expensive, salad place called Freshii. If I'm at home, or out and about, any good food truck will do, although lately my husband and I discovered Tru Meals across the street from us and it's been a healthier (but not much cheaper) alternative to our normal bad fast food/eating out habits
  • i love it. i usually get their pick 2 --> sometimes soup (black bean is my fave) other times a salad but ALWAYS their tomato and mozzarella panini.
  • Jacwhite22
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    Wendy's - Ultimate Chicken Grill Sandwich w/ fruit cup and unsweet tea.
  • downsizinghoss
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    Lately mine has been KFC chicken livers. :-)
  • jackpotclown
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    Panera....pick 2....turkey avocado and the strawberry poppyseed salad...good stuff \m/
  • PittShkr
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    Chicks Fil-A opened up and smothered with sauce!
  • _Timmeh_
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    The Y
  • Krizzle4Rizzle
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    Subway all the way! I prefer to eat fresh :)
  • Panchero's steak burrito bowl ~ add veggies, rice, black and pinto beans, and corn salsa. No cheese, guacamole, or sour cream. It's a hefty 650 calories, but more than fills me up, has 50g of protein, and I am always under on cals, so it helps!
  • Klopford
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    Most restaurants I go to will have a grilled chicken sandwich of some sort so I'll get that. Usually a better calorie option than a burger.

    Chicken fajita tacos from Taco Cabana are probably the lowest calorie item I've seen at any fast food place I've been to recently (with the exception of salads). I never add cheese or sour cream to those, just straight up chicken fajita meat in a tortilla.
  • lilmandy0614
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    Alfonso's Mexican food... I get their Carne Asada fries but sub with chicken, no gauc and no sour cream... with extra green chili. OMG my favorite!