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Does anyone have any good recipes using Leeks? I have some here and need to find something to do with them before they shrivel up and die!!!


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    I use duct tape to fix my leeks!
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    I substitute heavy cream with half and half or butter milk if i have it,use ow sodium chickenbroth and use 2/3rds the amount of butter and leave the carrots out but its by far my best leek recipe.

    per serving:

    cals 257

    Carbs 36

    Fat 10

    Protien 8g

    Sodium 412

    Sugar 5
  • praxisproject
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    Cauliflower & Leek soup is pretty good.

    You can also use it in asian style stirfries.
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    potato and leek soup ! yumyumyum :)
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    Thanks guys! And thanks for the recipe!!!
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    Try roasting them! Beleive me, they are delicious just plain and roasted. Add a little garlic to it and it will be even better!
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    I use leeks in my crockpot recipes instead of onions...I like the flavor better.
  • Bookers23
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    I make a leek/zucchini carpaccio that is amazing. Shave the two and arrange on a plate then douse in lemon juice and drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper. Let it marinate for a few hours in fridge and it's amazing!
  • spangey13
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    You can also use them in a risotto in place of onions :-)
  • ClementineGeorg
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    Check out recipies for French Leeks Soup. There are plenty. Normally it is filled also with cheese, but you can put less or choose low calory, low fat cheese. Personally I managed to make versions that ranged from 150 to 300 calories, in function of the quantities of butter and cheese added.

    In my country there is a side dish using leeks cooked in tomato sauce, with herbs and olives. It can be a full dish also, if you cook chicken with it. And it is very light.

    I like also quickly boiled leeks tubes filed with liver paste.

    Any vegetable dish works fine with leeks. Like rice with veggies (leeks, tomatoes, zuchinies, eggplant, some olives).
  • sweetbeckymarie

    ^ Hands down the most amazing leeks recipe I have ever tasted. I used vegetable broth instead, to make it vegetarian but you cannot go wrong with this. The flavor is so rich and absolutely superb.

    Andd this is the second best leek recipe I've ever had:


    The lemon juice adds a huge boost of flavor, though the dish may seem a bit too summery right now. It's delicious served cold or heated up.