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Any medical professionals?

I'd love to add more friends for support....especially ones with the same interests as me. I'm currently a Phlebotomist working at American Red Cross but getting ready to transfer to our city's Physician's Immediate Care center. I'll be continuing sghcool as a nursing student come January with hopes of getting my Bachelor's in nursing and if best comes to best try for medical school. I'd love to work in Trauma.....any health professionals like nurses, physicians, phlebotomists, etc want to add me?? (Even non-health workers....I'd love the friends!) Thanks! :D


  • 3smommy2008
    Hi! I'm a registered nurse at a cardiac hospital. Feel free to friend me or message me anytime!
  • Vyshness8699
    Vyshness8699 Posts: 390 Member
    Hi my name is Vanessa

    I'm a RN working in the ER ; ) feel free to add me
  • Krohnie
    Krohnie Posts: 286 Member
    I'm an optometrist, feel free to add me if you'd like too!
  • dukeninja
    dukeninja Posts: 50 Member
    I'm a dual qualified psychiatric nurse/radiographer working in Oxford, feel free to add!
  • Cindib13
    Cindib13 Posts: 234 Member
    I'm a Neonatal RN in San Antonio, TX. Anyone feel free to add me.
  • PermissionGranted
    PermissionGranted Posts: 203 Member
    Hey! I'm a registered nurse who works in the medical intensive care unit. I don't know how to add friends so you can add me. :wink:
  • susieque25
    susieque25 Posts: 11 Member
    I'm a licensed massage therapist and esthetician in Las Vegas. I'd love to form a support group to check in with. I'll try to reply to everyone.
  • kevokie
    kevokie Posts: 53 Member
    I"m a paramedic. I'm about to go into RN school. Feel free to add me.
  • sgv0918
    sgv0918 Posts: 851 Member
    I'm a NICU/Pediatric RN
  • Beckababy1011
    Went to nursing school, but not working as an RN. Very medically geared & love incorporating evidence based research into my health. Feel free to add me. I'm looking for others who are dedicated in their quest for healthy life, support & encouragement.
  • ktrn0312
    ktrn0312 Posts: 723 Member
    Cardiac RN in NYC.
  • nmtGurl
    nmtGurl Posts: 159 Member
    Nuclear Med Tech in NH/MA. Feel free to add me :-)
  • adrienne1086
    adrienne1086 Posts: 27 Member
    Physician Assistant here! Looking to practice what I preach to patients and lead by example! Feel free to add me. I just started a week ago here and the numbers on the scale are already trending down :smile:
  • NLang1989
    NLang1989 Posts: 24 Member
    I'm a patient care technician in the ER in FL
  • ERolandoRN
    I'm a hospice RN and my husband is a paramedic going to pre-med. Feel free to add me. I am on regularly and would love the extra support :)
  • nomorechub68
    I am a public health RN, would love to be buddies! Feel free to add me!!!!!!
  • SafioraLinnea
    SafioraLinnea Posts: 628 Member
    I'm halfway through my bachelor's in Nursing. Add me if you like. :)
  • Dancerten
    Dancerten Posts: 237 Member
    Orthotic & Prosthetic Technician... I don't work directly with the patients, but I still love being able to improve people's lives :o)
  • MrsBlobs
    MrsBlobs Posts: 310 Member
    I'm dual qualified general/psych nurse, add me if you wish :smile:
  • karenwill2
    karenwill2 Posts: 604 Member
    I graduate as a Physical Therapist Assistant in May. I hope to work in pediatrics. I do come from a long line of nurses though.