Vegetarians-I applaud you!



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    Each to his own.

    My husband loves those Morningstar faux sausages, but I doubt he even remembers how meat sausage tastes after decades of being a vegetarian.

    I find that it's best to approach these foods as something unique, not a substitute for something else. I love homemade patties made from beans, grains and veggies, but for their own sake, not because they taste similar to something I used to eat.
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    And for all you vegetarians out there-hurray for you! Cuz I could not finish that thing!

    As if this is the only thing vegetarians eat????
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    And for all you vegetarians out there-hurray for you! Cuz I could not finish that thing!

    As if this is the only thing vegetarians eat????

    Of course it's not, but those things are nasty! *high fives for those that can stomach them*
  • Enigmatica
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    Heh. There certainly are alternatives. I get 33 grams of protein in a vegan breakfast that doesn't use soy at all. And I'm not even vegan. =)
  • I used to really like those Morningstar fake sausage patties years ago. Put a little drizzle of maple syrup on them and it was good to go. Then I started looking at ingredient lists of foods instead of just nutrients. :sick: Haven't had Morningstar since.
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    Why would you congratulate someone on eating something you think is gross? You wouldn't be trying to be snarky, would you?

    Meat and meat substitutes are not the only (or necessarily the best) to get more protein in your breakfast, especially if you're concerned with sodium and fat. If you eat eggs, throw some extra whites in. If you like toast, put some PB on it (or PB2 if you don't like the fat content). Do you eat dairy? How about some Greek yogurt? Put some protein powder in your oatmeal. Eat some cheese. For crying out loud... what was this even posted for?!
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    I'm not a vegetarian, but I love vegetarian meals and the emphasis on vegetables and legumes versus a plate based on a slab of meat. Not a fan of imitation foods, unless it's imitation crab.
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    I can't help it, I love every type of processed fakey meat product that I have ever tried.

    I'm a total junk food vegetarian...

    Have you tried the Morningstar Veggie BBQ Riblets? SO GOOD!!!! I love the bbq sauce, it's so good I practically lick my plate. Okay I actually DO lick my plate.

    Actually I haven't! Thanks for the tip.
  • KombuchaCat
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    There are definately better brands out there. Also keep in mind that you can't think it's going to taste just like meat, it's not meat. If you try other fake meats try the brand Field Roast, much better.
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    So you decided to make an entire thread just to insult vegetarian/vegans because what MFP really needs is more vegetarian bashing? Not to mention you judge the entire diet of a vegetarian on some pre-packaged meat substitute? Wow this thread is super myopic and uber unkind but still I wish you well in your pursuits at finding whatever the heck you are seeking.
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    So the OP automatically assumes that if we don't eat the "heavenly and most nutritious meat" then we have to have meat substitutes and that all vegetarians eat meat substitutes because we can't live without it..Those things are vile and all the news lately about Soy beans (which is what is in most of the fake burgers etc.) is seriously harmful for humans, also people who eat meat are susceptible to it as well because the animals eat a lot of these genetically modified soy beans and feed.

    I usually know better then to respond to a troll-thread, i'm sure your sitting back with your coffee with a smug look thinking "how can anyone be vegetarian and have to eat those things!"..whatever..

  • penrbrown
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    I hate bacon.

    I don't understand it and I don't like it.

    And I often wonder; How do people even eat this?

    But I don't applaud them. Because I recognize that everyone has things they like and things they dislike.

    End of story.
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    Sounds like user error to me.

    Also, why assume that vegetarians all like morningstar products, or even a SPECIFIC morningstar product?

    Im sorry... but if you try their corn dogs and Chik'n'Nuggets they are pretty freaking awesome. Haters gonna Hate
  • JacksMom12
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    I eat tons of meat. Love it. I also love the morningstar sausage patties. I eat one almost every morning crumbled into an egg and veggie scramble. Go figure.
  • lizziebeth1028
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    I prefer the Boca original 'chicken' patty. It's tasy, especially with a little bit of cheese melted on it and some bar b q sauce!
  • Stacivogue
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    I truly do applaud vegetarians, it must be really hard. I got a taste of that when I was pregnant and had a meat aversion. The look, smell, or taste of meat was just abhorrent. It was so hard to find things on menus that were healthy on a day to day basis. Most "vegetarian options" were just stuffed with cheese and fried. I gained sooo much weight. Others just tasted awful. I can't say how many times I sat through a work event, picking at he "vegetarian option" and then ordering French fries because I was starving. Any 5 months without meat and I found out that it is much easier to lose weight when I can eat lean protein. But I did discover lots of home options... Like quinoa, and grilled seitan and veggies.
  • pamperedpenguin
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    I'm really sorry if anyone thought I was "bashing" vegetarians because that was not my intention.
    And I also never implied that ALL vegetarians eat meat substitutes.
    I believe that everyone has their own way of eating and living and I find vegetarians very inspiring people.

    Again, I sorry if anyone was offended.
  • Stacivogue
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    What? Soy beams are bad nowadaysa? Don't worry, they'll be safe soon enough.