Who went overboard on halloween candy today?

I did,1200 calories throughout the day,consisted of desserts and candy....i did manage to get a nice 1.5 hour workout in though..still went over by 900 calories of daily goal....o well tomorrow is a new day


  • morticiamom
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    I got a shot of chocolate when I kissed my husband after he got into the candy. That was it for me. I just didn't feel like I wanted it bad enough to spend the calories on it. I hope the teenager will eat the leftovers so I'm not tempted tomorrow. XD. It's a good thing he's cute, because the little rat has the metabolism of a hummingbird and can eat about 4000 calories a day and still stay so skinny his 28 inch waist pants need a belt.
  • mgobluetx12
    mgobluetx12 Posts: 1,326 Member
    I didn't even eat one piece.
  • I went over by 900 calories as well. I think I ate 1,100-1,200 calories of Almond Roca.
    Needless to say, it will not be coming back into the house.
  • dr2k12
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  • pamperedpenguin
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    I wish I could say I avoided it!
    I should have had hubby go thru the kids candy to make sure it was all ok. But, alas, that job feel to me. And I failed miserably!
    Tomorrow is a new day and we are donating most of our candy to the troops. A good way to get it out of my house AND support our men and women in the service of our country!
  • stines72
    stines72 Posts: 853 Member
    i had zero candy
  • chubbygirl253
    chubbygirl253 Posts: 1,309 Member
    yes and no. I had about 7 or 8 pieces which is more than I would hope to have had. but less than I would've last year or before dieting. I stayed within my calories though
  • moonmistmm
    moonmistmm Posts: 178 Member
    I ate back my exercise calories today, plus about 100 calories. So maybe 100 officially over but 300 over from my normal 1500 net. Not to mention the treats that did fit into my daily calories. Hey, it's Halloween, right?

    I've managed to do okay the rest of the month since I bought candy, so I'll just be careful. The problem is, I have more candy after trick or treating in my dorm.
  • GabyG69
    GabyG69 Posts: 213
    Me!!!! And I do not feel bad about it at all! :D Halloween only comes once a year, enjoy it!
  • Losingamy
    Losingamy Posts: 28 Member
    Only ate one small hershey bar. I was very proud of myself, especially since it was my employer who supplied the candy.
  • microwoman999
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    I did pretty bad!! Tomorrow is a new day and I don't have any open bags of candy in my house! It was all the sweets brought to my work and you just can't pass up some yummy stuff made :)
  • chelle_fri
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    No candy for me. Oddly enough I wanted bread and butter today. I didn't have that either :)
  • _CowgirlUp_
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    I eat a mini Kit Kat and a mini Twix bar almost every night for the last couple of months. Sometimes a little more even if I have a big workout...I don't deprive myself of anything I want or I would fail miserably at this weight loss/fitness thing.
  • slkehl
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    Not bad considering how Halloweens have been for me in the past!
  • gauchogirl
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    Me!!!! And I do not feel bad about it at all! :D Halloween only comes once a year, enjoy it!

    me too. I knew today was coming, I reserved a large portion of my weekly calories for it. And still exceeded it. And It was awesome. I won't do it again until next year. Which is awesome because I USED to eat that way every day.
  • KuroNyankoSensei
    KuroNyankoSensei Posts: 288 Member
    I went over by a hundred calories today, which isn't bad. I'm actually quite proud of myself x3.

    Went over because I had a Halloween sugar cookie at work and fun size Snickers almond bar XD.
  • I had a few pieces here and there while watching movies with my boyfriend and family but I didn't go too overboard. I ate around my maintenance calories today, cutting back tomorrow again.
  • zebisis
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    I wasn't even tempted. Once I make my mind up- I am good to go. I am 100% dedicated to a new way of life. Candy sounds completely unappealing to me.
    We even went to see my grandparents with the kids, and my gran had my favorite pie in the world ready for us- Rhubarb Custard Pie. And she sent the rest home with us. I didn't have one bite. I am just not interested in derailing my plan/sucess. Pie and candy just aren't in my program. That is how I got here in the first place.
  • Wezlfuss
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    I did. From a bowl of candy at work, then two slices of cake at a Haloween party.
    I hit the gym right after though, so I only ended up over by 100, and that's from a total of 30% deficit from my TDEE.
    Still doesn't make up for the crap ton of sugar and sodium, though... ^^'
  • kinrsa
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    I went a little haywire with caramel apples but only ended up 149 calories over my goal. The sugar goal, on the other hand, was blown out of the water. Went for a run this morning to negate the caramel.