Someone noticed!

I started MFP in May, not really TRYING at first, but just being aware of how much I ate. I'm now down 30 pounds (only 15 more to my goal). My neighbor noticed!! I'm super excited! I only started noticing recently, when my watch band needed to be tightened, and all my pants were too big. I usually wear baggy clothes, but someone noticed! What a morale booster!!:blushing:


  • JSheehy1965
    Congratulations - it really is a morale booster when people notice that you're looking better/fitter/thinner. Way to go! :D
  • NocturnalGirl
    Congrats! And well done :)
  • KerrieJane86
    KerrieJane86 Posts: 75 Member
    That's awesome :) Isn't it the best!

    I'm not trying to steal your fire but last week someone in my class told me that I looked really good and could tell I was losing weight (even though I only lost 6-7)

    It's great :)

    Soon more people will be noticing too! Perma smile!

    You are doing great losing 30lbs! That is a lot of weight!
  • fit4lifeUcan2
    fit4lifeUcan2 Posts: 1,458 Member
    I know how great that feels. Gives you motivation to keep going doesn't it? Your doing great! :flowerforyou: If you ever doubt that just remember what your neighbor told you.
  • shanewo
    That is WONDEFUL! Congrats to you! :)
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