would love some friends!

I"m a Weight Watchers chronic "rejoiner" and my weight has yoyo'd over the years, but I've added in MFP and have been on for 25 days now and I love it! It's really sped up the weight loss (ticker pounds reflect WW and MFP weight lost this year). It's been so informative about what my nutrition levels really are and where I need to improve. I would really like to have more friends to encourage and be encouraged by as I go...



  • Im not doing WW, I am doing Isagenix however i am new to this site and encouragment is what is all about! What is MFP? I really like how this site breaks down all the daily intake too. I think this will really help me more.
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    hey welcome! i am always looking for more friends! i love how postivie everyone is on here and i apprecated all the support i get and love to pass on the postive feedback
  • hey welcome to the craze lol. Feel free to add me for support
  • thanks everyone! I am determined to be that person that proves that you can lose weight and not totally deprive yourself in the process. I think the support and info that comes with this site is going to be the key to finally making my progress a steady downward flow instead of up down up down up down :)
  • Hi there! I was on Weight Watchers too (on and off). I even got lifetime status but sadly, I gained all of the weight back. (I'm a yo-yo dieter.) I still sometimes count WW points in my head but, right now the only thing really working for me is MFP. I am so grateful for all of the friends that I've made here. Anyone, feel free to add me... We can cheer each other on! :)
  • I too am a chronic WW rejoiner!! I just found this site. I am a points counter. Do you count points here? How do you work this? I just signed up. Thanks
  • hey there, frannie! I sent you a message to answer your questions from above reply...
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    Feel free to add me
  • Hey Teresa!! I just finished my first week on MFP and love it. You can add me...
  • Hi all, joined a week ago, hoping to give and receive support for healthy weight loss. I've gained and lost almost 30 lbs over the last few years because of illness or diet and exercise. feel free to add me, I'd love to make supportive connections!