Attention Beer Lovers. I need your help!

JoniBologna Posts: 654 Member
Tonight, I am attempting to make carne guisada (aka spicy beef stew) for dinner. I have a bottle of New Belgium 1554 Black Ale and a bottle of Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale. So, which should I use for the stew?

In general, I'm worried about bitterness when using an ale, but I figure I can offset that with a little brown sugar. I have a few other beers including various IPAs (which I assume would be WAY too bitter) and some cheap beers, like Coors Light and Corona Light (which I assume wouldn't be as flavorful). Thoughts?

Thanks for your help! :drinker:


  • maleva720
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    I'd use the Belgium Black Ale but I'm sure either one would work.
  • Emma_Problema
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    I'd actually been told that making chili with corona is absolutely delicious and is obviously a significantly cheaper. I'm not sure if that applies to your beef stew but I'd say it's likely. Why waste the good (and often very caloric) stuff in a stew? I'd rather use Mexican piss beer if it makes it tastey for less.
  • havetubawilltravel
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    When ready to cook, assemble all other ingredients.
    Open both beers.
    Put the one with the more robust, less bitter flavor in the the food.
    Drink the other
    Keep tasting while trying to decide.
    When gone, open two more.
    Then two more.
    While still able to speak coherently, use phone to order pizza delivery, and put ingredients away.
    Glad to help.
    And I'm just kidding.
    About option one.
  • JoniBologna
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    My initial reaction was the 1554. I could see using a cheap Mexican beer if it was chili, but this is stew. I feel like it's different. Oh, and Option 1 definitely seems like a logical way of making a decision. Option 2 seems more fun, but probably not very nice considering this is a birthday dinner. Thanks for the suggestions!
  • agataarchangel
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    LOVE beer and I would definitely go with the Black/Dark Ale.... it would compliment beef nicely and would add a nice, complex, rich flavour.

    It'll MAN UP the stew and make it a winner and cold-weather warmer, IMO.
  • How did it turn out?
  • JoniBologna
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    It turned out great. I decided to go to the liquor store to get us some red wine, and I ended up buying a single Stone Smoked Porter w/ Chipotle Peppers. Thought it sounded perfect. I'd never had carne guisada before but my boyfriend says it turned out perfect!!