What dress size are you....??



  • I'm 5'2, 111 lbs.

    xs-s, size 2-4 depending on the brand.
  • joannedowling1971
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    Since my last post I am really chuffed to update my dress size.

    Tops size 12 and bottom size 10. I am 5ft 4inc and now weigh 9st 9lbs. I have lost 25lbs in 8 weeks!!
  • I'm 5'8" 148 lbs. I'm a size 2. I weigh a lot more than I look. It's kind of annoying.
  • AlayshaJ
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    The only six I wear is in blazers.
  • ElizaRoche
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    no idea, since I dont wear dresses .. In pants im 6 tho, probably the same?
  • ErzaScarlet
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    We're the exact same haha I'm 5ft 6 weigh 144 and I'm in between a 12 and 10 UK We're size 11 ;)
  • I'm 5'4 127 lbs and I wear a 2 or 4 depending on the brand. On top I wear a small or xsmall. I weigh almost 15 lbs more than I did in high school, but went from a size 6 to my current size(s) when I started eating more and lifting weights. The scale is just a portion of the fitness picture!
  • ErzaScarlet
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    I have shorts and it says Uk size 12 and us size 8!
  • 5'2
    U.S size 6
  • bsuew
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    5' 7 1/2" 214lbs and going down :laugh: I have just gotten into a size 16 slacks. I haven't gone shopping for dresses. I was in a 22/24. I have one dress at the moment and it is a xl? One skirt and it is a 16.
  • HypersonicFitNess
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    US size 2 (small or x-small; depends on the dress...I just had a size small taken up in the hips & waist b/c it was sticking out)
  • nexangelus
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    5 foot 5
    159 lbs (11 stone 5)
    Between a UK size 12 and 14 (can fit in my Next skinny size 12's with a small bit of overhang)
  • nillapup
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    5'5 155 pounds us size 10 pants.. I do not wear dresses haha
  • sin485
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    What is the difference between US and UK Sizes anyways?

    i think your size 12 in america is your size 8 in uk
  • torchyew
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    I am a size 14 in the US, but would be 16 in the UK and 44 in France. It's all based on the ISO standards for the area. The UK, the US, and the European Union all have different clothing standard sizing.
  • EnchantedEvening
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    316 pounds

    US dress size 20/22

    I'm a pear shape, so my dress size is smaller than my pants size (24). Dresses tend to have "free" hips.
  • I'm 5'5", 128 pounds, size US 2-4.
  • I'm 5'4, 126lbs and I'm a UK 8 in tops and a 10 in bottoms and dresses.
  • 5 foot 3
    About 150lbs
    I wear between a size 6-8 US, occasionally a 4 but very rarely these days.
    Same goes for pant sizes (although Juniors I am a 7 or 9 in pants or 7,9 or 11 in dress sizes).
    I cannot believe I used to wear size 2! At one point I even wore a size 0.
    I don't necessarily want to get back to that, but I would like to be a solid 4/6.
  • Linli_Anne
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    I'm 5'11, and currently weigh 204.

    I have pants that range from 10 -14 and all feel like they fit the same (Canadian/US sizing). I would consider myself to be a 14 for a proper fit - no pulls etc.

    Last time I weighed 175 after my daughter I was wearing a CAD/US size 8/10....I don't think I could get much lower than that if I tried as I have a large frame to start with.