One meal a day or two for an active lifestyle?

Hello all,

I was not sure where to put this question. I'm not going to say try or if. I'm going to say when and I will be doing the Insanity workout. I am going to lose 30 pounds but not sure how to do it precisely with my active lifestyle. I work a warehouse job and I will be starting school soon in a couple of months. Also like I mentioned I will be doing the Insanity workout either early in the morning or at night depending on the day.

I bought the book "The Warrior Diet". I have skimmed the book but I go the main blueprint from it. I've also learned about Paleo style eating. Basically not route to take. I did a trial of the warrior diet for about five days. I had huge hunger pains. Few reasons I do like about the Warrior Diet it's so simple. You don't have to plan your meals and you have more time. i just had a few vegetables with water in the morning and on my way to work.

I am leaning more towards Paleo though. The two main things I want to improve is increased energy throughout the whole day and not feeling hungry. Once I can take care of those two things I will be on my way to a healthier lifestyle.

I just need some guidance.


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    Best advice I can give, not matter what you choose, make sure it's something you can do realistically for the rest of your life :)
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    Why don't u opt for the MFP (my fitness pal) plan eating the daily allowed calories and working out accordingly instead of all of that other confusing bullshi*?? It works and I have been here a month and as of 4 days ago lost 13 pounds....
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    I'm new to Where do I go for the myfitnesspal plan?
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    I'm new to Where do I go for the myfitnesspal plan?

    Learn how to set up your calorie and macronutrient intake requirements and then eat foods you enjoy while doing your best to hit those numbers.

    You can see here for some leisure reading:

    Progress will be largely determined by your ability to consume a reasonable intake (cals/macros and micros for health) and train.

    Progress will not be dictated by the name of the diet you choose.

    EDIT: Lastly, while your thread title wasn't expanded upon in your post, one or two meals per day is fine provided you're able to consume the appropriate total intake by end of day, and provided your training isn't negatively impacted by your meal frequency/pattern.
  • darleyschroeder
    Hmmm. I would be careful to make sure you get enough to eat. My husband works a high labor warehouse job. He was a little overweight when he started working there and he has lost a lot just from all the physical labor. He needs a lot of calories to sustain this and still sees a change in the scale.
    I don't know if 2 meals a day is a great idea. Make sure you're getting enough carbs and quality protein, along with fats to sustain your workouts and activity on the job. It's important to fuel your body!!!!