total fail!!! :(

ive lost it completely. :/ i know im whining but seriously i feel like an idiot. it was working!!!! right when the i was in the "weight melting off" stage i just stopped. why?! :( majorly dissapointed in myself.... im still watching my calories but im not as strict about staying under... i just shrug it off if i go over now. wich happens once or twice a week. i eat junk. not because i dont like healthy food... i LOVE healthy food. i just dont eat them. oy vey...


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    You just discribed me perfectly: everything going in the right direction and then, boom, I start back with my old habits. Trying really really hard to get back in the swing of things but struggling everyday. Hopefully we can both get it together soon so that all the hard work we've already put in won't be wasted.
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    Old habits are hard to break, it takes extreme drive to not fall back into old habits. I battle this at least once a week, I've been fortunate enough to talk myself to not fall back. For example last night I was up a little late and not being hungry or anything I had a desire to have a sandwich. In my mind I'm thinking why do I want's because for many years I gave into these temptations and ate that sandwich which became not only a sandwich but maybe some cottage cheese and chips and a big soda. I had a medium glass of water last night and was satisfied. It can be done and I wish you luck sticking to it.
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    You have just met step one of getting back on track -- realizing you left the straight and narrow. Step 2 is to resolve to do something about it and step 3 is to act. Beating yourself up about past failures accomplishes nothing. Resolve to do better and WIN... You can do this. You have still made progress. Just resolve to do better.
  • Just keep in mind that your daily goal is set at at deficit, all things unchanged from the settings. I burnt myself out last week, so I decided to take a week off. It started with 2 days, and turned into a week. But I do not stock my kitchen with junk. If I overeat, it is with something that is mostly good for me. I know in my mind that if I go over by 1000, I will, for the most part, maintain. I did not track for a couple days, and my diary is open if you want to check it out.

    Just tonight, about 2 hours ago, I got back up on the wagon. Felt good. I am motivated by this charity 5k on Thanksgiving. I cannot wait to test my skills, and it will be my first one. Also keep in mind, that the more you lose, the more you need to work at it, as it takes less energy for your body to do things. Press on harder in your workouts, and try to eat good things. I agree, healthy food tastes like crap. So I do things to spice it up (and I am no chef, by any means!)

    Try eating some potatoes. I dont really consider it a vegetable, because it is rather filling. Chop them up, pan fry them in about 3-4 servings of healthy margarine (ICBINB, for example) sprinke some steak seasoning (yes, steak seasoning) on them about halfway through cooking them. You can eat em just like that! Maybe throw some catchup on them. It may be a little heavy on the sodium (for 2-3 med potatoes, you could get 1000-1500 mg), but you are also getting about the same in potassium from the potatoes, so it works out.

    Best of luck to ya! You rock, girl!
  • Just remember:

    I would rather go 2000 calories over eating carbs and proteins from chicken, veggies and dairies, than go 2000 over from snickers and butterfingers bars. You just got to be creative. I am finding that ICBINB, either from the tub or from the spray, makes most healthy food taste 10 times better! lol