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Average Calories from Thanksgiving - NY Times



  • LauriePar
    LauriePar Posts: 239 Member
    Nice informational post. I am going to try to get exercise that day and not pig out.
  • Jellyphant
    Jellyphant Posts: 1,400 Member
    idgaf >:)
  • surromom2010
    surromom2010 Posts: 457 Member
    Luckily for me I hate dark meat, stuffing, green bean casserole au gratin potatoes etc. Rolls and Broccoli cheddar and rice casserole will by my only temptation at Thanksgiving. Even if I did like that food there's no way I could stuff that much in my face in one day, especially now. I think they've overexaggerated it a bit.
  • mcrowe1016
    mcrowe1016 Posts: 647 Member
    I am going to walk six miles in the morning and try to stay below 4,000 :tongue:
  • WendyTerry420
    WendyTerry420 Posts: 13,274 Member
    I can beat that easy

    I don't doubt that I have in years past! Three platefuls of mostly starchy carbs, plus three pieces of pie adds up real fast! :laugh:
  • DrMAvDPhD
    DrMAvDPhD Posts: 2,097 Member
    Uhh I bet 4500 cals is easy. In the OP you say 6oz turkey. Who in the hell only eats that little? Let's face it, everyone goes back for seconds.

    Not me! I save my seconds for mashed potatoes loaded with gravy, home made bread, and an extra slice of pie because who can choose between pumpkin and apple?? :laugh:

    I do think I'll log it this year just to see what I eat. I'm not going to freak out over any number, I hit 3500 calories on Halloween and lost weight the next weigh in. One bad day doesn't undo 29 good ones.
  • LittleMissDover
    LittleMissDover Posts: 820 Member
    Ok, I was curious so just entered a typical Christmas day and I hit over 10,000 cals and that was without adding in cheese and crackers and pate that I usually have too.
  • Dave198lbs
    Dave198lbs Posts: 8,810 Member
    Ok, I was curious so just entered a typical Christmas day and I hit over 10,000 cals

    ya but Christmas doesn't count because of all that baby Jesus stuff
  • justal313
    justal313 Posts: 1,375 Member
    Ok, I was curious so just entered a typical Christmas day and I hit over 10,000 cals

    ya but Christmas doesn't count because of all that baby Jesus stuff

    Yeah, that Figgy Pudding is a killer.

    I am running a 5K on Thanksgiving morning. If I overeat, I will make up for it in the days to follow. My alcohol tolerance is laughable these days and I can only eat so much at a time. I should be fine, and again if I'm not, I will make it back in the days to follow.
  • MIM49
    MIM49 Posts: 255 Member
    Quote: For one thing most people would have a hard time eating that much. After about 1,500 calories in one sitting, the gut releases a hormone that causes nausea. Average stomach capacity is about 8 cups, although it can range from 4 to 12.
    Unfortunately that has never been a problem for me. I also must be lacking the "nausea hormone" because I have never felt sick after a 1500 calorie meal (angry, disappointed, disgusted at myself, maybe, but never nauseated.) Also I think my stomach must be made of rubber because the amount of food plus fluids (I would frequently drink 4 or more glasses of iced tea with a big meal) that I could consume without feeling full probably could break records. This Thanksgiving I am eating turkey--white meat no skin-- and steamed carrots. There will be other Thanksgivings after I reach goal weight.
  • testease
    testease Posts: 220
    4500? **** i probably ate 10 x that last thanksgiving.

    that would be 12.8 pounds of food

    possible I suppose but kind of proves the point of the OP.....that everyone exaggerates

    Not really that hard, thanksgiving is an all day event, not just a meal. 4lbs of PB has about 24000 calories...
  • bradphil87
    bradphil87 Posts: 617 Member
    I'm going to workout in the morning. But I'll be over fit sure, I don't's one day. And I'll be lifting hard too, put those extra cals to good use :)
  • cherbapp
    cherbapp Posts: 322
    It's funny...all the comments prove that the AVERAGE truly is most likely 4500 calories. Lol

    Here on a fitness site...quite a few people are saying they don't eat that much. Well...everyone else is eating double. Thus the average.

    I know I didn't get fat on 2000 calories a double that for a holiday....pretty easy.
  • firedragon064
    firedragon064 Posts: 1,082 Member
    Main meal is not the problem,
    dessert has high calorie & too many alchohol.