made in chelsea OMG

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AAACK! my new guilty pleasure. I'm in the US and was hooked on Laguna Beach and the Hills (stopped watching when Speidi became Speidi) and I just discovered this on the Style network. OMG ADDICTIVE.

:sheepish: and i'm a humiliating :embarassed: :blushing:

Has anyone else seen it? What do my UK pals think of it?


  • cNhobbes
    cNhobbes Posts: 235 Member
  • Dub_D
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  • BronnersHarris
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    Guilty pleasure of mine also - in fact it was on last night here so tonight I get to watch it online in bed! Bliss - sad I know.

    Keep your eye out for The Only Way is Essex - you'll love it as well.
  • BeingAwesome247
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    My guilty pleasure is Jersey Shore....I admit it to no one in my day to day life haha
  • dane11235813
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    never heard of it, but the final scene from the Hills when they pulled away the background away was so awesome!

    ok i didn't really just admit that.
  • Brianna72994
    My guilty pleasure is Jersey Shore....I admit it to no one in my day to day life haha

    Ahhh me too.
  • AnahitaCanDoIt
    I'm not in the UK but there are a lot more silly shows like that...same genre, Geordie Shore and a new one called The Valleys I think..shocking stuff, bad behaviour, ...

    I admit I might've watched The Hills. There was a duvet involved.
  • littlebuddy84
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    I hate to admit it but I absolutely love it and the only way is Essex :blushing:
  • kimbolay7
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    LOVE MIC! :heart: :love:

    Not ashamed to admit it either! :laugh:
  • LesleeBeAlive
    ABC's Switched at Birth. Addicted.
  • EatClean_WashUrNuts
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    Laguna Beach is a wonderful place along PCH. Not some lame-assed TV show. Talk about how to screw up The OC.
  • corn63
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    <--- is totally writing down these shows to download later.
  • Sepa
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    I love made in Chelsea and the only way is Essex. I always make the bf sit through it!
  • Sweatinglikeapigtolooklikeafox
    I love MIC, the boyfriend hates it though
  • sho3girl
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    I'm stunned by US fans of TOWIE and MIC ,...
  • annas3911
    Hi - I'm from the UK - the show is huge over here now. Although not as big as TOWIE!
    I loved the Hills and Laguna Beach when it was aired over here - still watch them on repeat :)

    I think we're on season 4 of Made in Chelsea now - lots of new characters in this one!