Size 8!!!



  • Barbell_Jules
    Barbell_Jules Posts: 358 Member
    That is a HUGE victory!!! Awesome job!
  • alpine1994
    alpine1994 Posts: 1,915 Member
    Yayyyyyyyy that's so exciting!! My 10 pants are all baggy and falling off so I'm going shopping this weekend to see if an 8 fits better. Single digits baby!
  • dhiammarath
    dhiammarath Posts: 834 Member
    CONGRATS!!!! I'm on the cusp of a size 8 as well (I have one pair of size 8's, but I feel more like I'm an 8-10, so I don't count them until I can get into at least two size 8s of two different manufacturer... since clothing sizes are so wildly different).
  • BellaNoel87
    BellaNoel87 Posts: 19 Member
    Great job I'm so happy for you congrats !!:)
  • sarahg148
    sarahg148 Posts: 701 Member
    I'd be ecSTATIC at being a size 8! Great work!!!
  • rfarinha
    rfarinha Posts: 388 Member
    Congratulations! As a former size 22, I totally know what you mean! I almost wish the tag with the size was on the outside! :laugh:

    @dhiammarath - I totally know what you mean about size variances! I have jeans that all fit about the same, some from the same label at sizes that vary from a 4 (Levi's and Merona, Old Navy), 6 (Old Navy - fits similar to the 4, Ann Taylor), and 8 (Lucky Brand). :huh: :ohwell:
  • pwittek10
    pwittek10 Posts: 723 Member
    I know how you feel!
    Being a former size 28 and now size4
    I get it!
  • HypersonicFitNess
    HypersonicFitNess Posts: 1,219 Member
    Great job!!

  • christinehetz80
    christinehetz80 Posts: 490 Member
  • MindyG150
    MindyG150 Posts: 1,296 Member
    SUPER! Just don't buy too much, you will need lower in just a short time :)
  • Denise1224
    Denise1224 Posts: 150 Member


    ^ THIS ^ Way to go!!!
  • veggiehottie
    veggiehottie Posts: 590 Member
    THANK YOU, everyone!

    Congrats to all of you in similar situations!

    Best of luck to those of you working towards your own goals! You CAN do it!!!
  • HakunaMatata519
    HakunaMatata519 Posts: 141 Member
    Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just started squeezing my butt into a 10 lol
  • zannyzanzanzibar
    zannyzanzanzibar Posts: 354 Member
    Congrats, that's a fantastic achievement! :)
  • b1delane
    b1delane Posts: 261 Member
    I am a size eight now but I still feel like the fat gurl when I look in the mirror! Hope it changes soon!
  • pkw58
    pkw58 Posts: 2,039 Member
  • E2015
    E2015 Posts: 8
    Wowo wow wow!! Well done! I'm still between sizes 10 and 12... but getting down to 10, 12 is quite lose now so 8 isn't far from there... :-) Need motivation though...
  • knitmom71
    knitmom71 Posts: 21 Member
    Wow! That's awesome! I've gone from a 12 to an 8, and it feels really good. I can't imagine seeing that drastic a change. Way to go!
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