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INSANITY FINISHERS/ at home work-outs....?



  • ambsnic17
    ambsnic17 Posts: 305 Member
    This sounds great! I'm starting Insanity this week bc like you my life with 6 mo. old baby and full time job have had a very hard time getting into the gym! I hope Insanity works I've done so well working out lately I've just noticed I'm very tired- I may not be eating enough calories. did you follow the food guide to a T? I eat overall very well just wondered if I need to follow this in every step. Any advice I would apperciate it. thank you.

    i do nto follow the food guide too much cause i have practices of my own! but i will friend you! id be happy to share my experience with you and good luck to you on your insanity journey!!!

    I also felt VERY tired at the beginning of the 1st month's workout. At the time I was on weight watchers also. I have talked to a lot of people telling me to stop WW and focus on my calorie intake more. I've started that this week, so we'll see how that goes. I am currently on the second round of insanity and have lost almost 15 lbs. and 30+ inches. (I measure EVERYTHING!!) LOL
  • ljmartin86
    I'm on week 2 day 3 of Insanity - what a workout! I can't do all of the moves 100%, but I just modify them as needed (ie. pushups on my knees) - I try to keep moving as much as possible. I burn about 400 cal per workout and feel like I'm already getting stronger! Eating good food in smaller portions throughout the day is very important, so I'm trying to plan my food in advance and do some meal prep on the weekends. Checkout @beautytalkwsj for motivation. She is just finishing her first round of Insanity and has had AMAZING results! Good luck :)
  • youngmomtaz
    youngmomtaz Posts: 1,075 Member
    Love the success stories everyone!! You are all a great inspiration!!
  • BeSexy
    BeSexy Posts: 94
    I'm finishing up the last week! 2 workouts and 1 fit test remain. I like it ... It is a challenge but well worth it. Workouts in the first month are around 30-45 minutes. Month 2 the workouts are 45-60 minutes long. Take breaks as you need them and you find that each day you show up ... over time you get stronger. Week 1 to week 4 --- you can really tell your fitness levels are up.. especially by doing the fit tests. So if you are wanting to do .... DO IT! As the program says... GET IN/Get FIT or get out. JUMP IN!

    ANyone interested... I started a challenge on another site with daily fit tips. If you are in week 1 and want to join... message me!
  • napson
    napson Posts: 13 Member
    I've worked out exclusively at home for the last 6 years. No equipment except for dumbells (max 8lbs), pull up bar and resistance bands. I completed my 2nd round of P90X in May. I've done both lean and standard and definitly saw greater results in regards to tone and definition with the standard version. I workout 3-4 times a week mixing it up between P90x, Billy Blanks and Biggest Loser. I just bought Julians new ab workout and will be incorporating that into the rotation. I also think that being aware of and trying to follow the nutrition guidelines of these programs also aids in noticeable results. Also, when you've had a stressfull day or interaction with someone the ability to just "work it out", at any time, is awesome.
  • SusanMarie7777
    SusanMarie7777 Posts: 11 Member
    Yes, I did finish Insanity! At first it was really hard to make it through. The first time I did the fit test it wasn't too great. You do the fit test every two weeks. Make sure you do it because you will be amazed how you improve. My stamina is a lot better now as well as my abs.
  • ttknowles01
    ttknowles01 Posts: 255 Member
    I also live by DVDs and working out at home. I have 9 more days of Insanity and I love it!!!!! I plan on doing a second round, then moving on to Turbofire (maybe).
  • RoadsterGirlie
    RoadsterGirlie Posts: 1,195 Member
    I ONLY do DVD workouts for exercise at home. I will never, ever belong to a gym again. I prefer them because I do not have to go anywhere, so by eliminating drive time, I've just added more time I can commit to my workout. I also can go straight to my tub, rather than dealing with the ickiness of a public locker room. It also saves me $35 a month that normally would go to gym fees.

    I own all of Jillian Michaels DVDs, and I rotate them out for an hour five nights a week. All in all, I have probably $230 or so invested into my weights, dumbbells and DVDs, and will never have to stick more money into it unless a DVD gets scratched, etc...

    I also have the six pack to prove that it works.
  • RoadsterGirlie
    RoadsterGirlie Posts: 1,195 Member
    Also, I have done P90X, and think most of Jillian's workouts are harder, if you do them for a full hour.
  • shinkalork
    shinkalork Posts: 815 Member
    Hell yea!

    Finished Insanity on Nov 11th.
    Lost 18lbs, 5 inches of waist, and 9.2% Body fat.

    Improved so much my cardio and health.

    I started P90X the next day on Nov 12th....

    You'll do great with Insanity...Just stick with it...push hard and you'll get amazing results!
  • Easywider
    Easywider Posts: 434 Member
    but didn't get me muscles which is what I wanted after completing it.


  • ladyt02
    I love workouts at home. I order three each week from the library and I get the feelin of having a personal trainer at home. Don't put a time on it because being and getting healthy is a life long journey. you will be great.
  • HotMommy0609
    I love Insanity! I went down a jean size and that was without changing my diet, which I should have done! I love the definition in my arms and shoulders from Insanity. :smile: I'm doing Rev Abs now.
  • rede2go
    rede2go Posts: 82 Member
    starting week 8 finding the workouts so long but I am determined to finish. I am seeing great results down 8 pounds at 30 day mark. didnt measure myself...kicking myself for that but took pics....hate the pics lol. I push each day to do the work out. smaller in mid region and have muscles in my shoulders lol! good luck everyone feel free to add me

  • nataliegermishuys
    I am in week 5 of Insanity and loving it! Super tough but awesome! I am a full time working mom so I get up at 4:45am to get my workout in. I really believe there are no excuses if you want something badly!! I have lost 2 kilos and seen my body shape change..excited for the second phase!

    Good luck!!!
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