"eat like a man, but look like a women"?? Friend me!

Hi all! I'm looking for some lady friends who "eat like a man, but look like a woman" lol! I've decided to up my calorie goal to 2000 and would like some like minded friends who are willing to share support :). NETTING this much sorta scares me, so I feel that more friends I have that share the same mindset, the better. :)


  • tabi26
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    Thanks! I am in that group, and after posting this in the public forums, I thought maybe I should have posted it there too. Will go do that!
  • Martucha123
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    fell free to ad me
    I eat 2000 net calories, and sometimes go over
  • lauren3101
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    You can add me too, I eat 2100 cals a day.
  • invisibubble
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    I eat 2200 to maintain, will be eating around 2000 in my cut.
  • thatjulesgirl
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    Am currently trying my darned hardest to net my BMR each day - 2300! Who knew eating that much food (while not eating crap) would be so tricky!

    Feel free to add me :) (anyone)
  • billsica
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    I thought this was going to be about something else. *disappointed*
  • I'm in the same boat as you... trying to get up to 1850 a day which is my tdee! I'll definitely add you :)
  • BronnersHarris
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    Feel free to add me - am eating above 2000. :)
  • skylark94
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    1,800 calories here. Will be shifting to 2,000 over the next few weeks as I get closer to my body fat goal.
  • TheRealParisLove
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    I eat large portions and lots of calories, but I eat girly foods like wine and baked chicken breast and beet salad with arugula. Feel free to add me or just check out my diary, it's open. :flowerforyou:
  • soph501
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    I'm eating 1900 at the moment but I should probably be eating more. Would be nice to get some more friends with similar fitness and calorie goals so I don't feel so guilty eating 'higher' amounts :D
  • Enigmatica
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    Hah... I just eat like *me* and adjust my calories based on my activity level. I'm usually over 2000 cals per day and would rather work harder to be able to eat that much than kick back and cut back. Works for me.
  • Omg finally a group about gaining and not loosing. I have used this when I was in my darkest time with my ED, now I'm trying to reuse it in a different way. One more beneficial for myself. I'm trying my absolute hardest and get discouraged and distracted often. I try to eat 2000 a day but usually end up in the 1300-1600 relm. *sigh* I would love to find someone going through the same thing as me, or similar, that we can get encouragment from.