47 pounds gone and never coming back! (PICS!)



  • You look beautiful and have a wonderful spirit that shines through on all of your photos and in your writing. Well done ! Thanks for being an inspiration.
  • mamaomefo
    mamaomefo Posts: 418 Member
    Brianna, Such a beautiful story and a beautiful girl too! Congratulations on your success!
  • You look amazing!!Congrats on your accomplishment and love your wedding dress =)
  • you look amazing! great job sweetie!
  • lavieboheme1229
    lavieboheme1229 Posts: 448 Member
    you look amazing! great job sweetie!

    my friend YOU look amazing! What an amazing accomplishment. Good for you!
  • ShmoozyQ
    ShmoozyQ Posts: 390 Member
    You're awesome! Congrats on your upcoming wedding :)
  • marieautumn
    marieautumn Posts: 932 Member
    you look great!
  • Thank you for sharing! This was very insprirational and I wish you well in all you do.
  • Curvimami
    Curvimami Posts: 1,852 Member
    What an amazing transformation!!! Congrats!
  • LesaDave
    LesaDave Posts: 1,480 Member
    Wow, what a TOTALLY AMAZING TRANSFORMATION!! And I'm glad you did it while you are young--rather than wait like I did.

    I wish you all the best.
  • lhgalant
    lhgalant Posts: 101 Member
    what an awesome & inspiring story!
  • 1Pretty_Busy_Mom
    1Pretty_Busy_Mom Posts: 449 Member
    Don't have cheat days...i love it!! And you look AMAZING
  • msundrstd1
    msundrstd1 Posts: 27 Member
    You have really inspired me! You look beautiful!
  • michellevine1
    michellevine1 Posts: 185 Member
    This is probably one of the nicest success stories I have ever read. So happy for you. Congrats on your weight loss. Looks like you are onto a new journey - marriage. I am sure you will be just as successful! Cheers!! :)
  • Ladyzumba
    Ladyzumba Posts: 217 Member
    You have done a OUTSTANDING J-O-B! And you look amazing! You are going to be a beautiful
    bride! May you have a blissful marriage and happy and healthy life. Thanks for sharing your journey!
  • beautsarah
    beautsarah Posts: 151 Member
    You're beautiful. Love the advice. Congrats on the weight loss and even more congrats on the wedding.
  • You look super healthy and beautiful! Thank you for the inspiring words.
  • Ilysandrew11
    Ilysandrew11 Posts: 133 Member
    Great job!!!! You look amazing!!!
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