Just hit target weight!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everybody! Just hit my target weight today. Started off at 183 pounds on 01 Jan and am down to 149. (My goal was 150 and that seemed an impossibly optimistic dream then). I dont even want to eat rubbish as it would have to be logged in MFP - I thought I'd have a blow out when I got here but really dont want to put any junk in any more... (probably a contradtion vis a vis my diary but at least no takeaways, fries, or fast food at all this year - I have developed a soft spot for low cal choc mousse and snack-a-jacks tho ;-)

I'm greedy and have just reset target to 145 will post the befores and afters pics when i get there - 6 pack weight i think. In the meantime, am in week 5 column 3 of the 6 week 100 push up challenge ( http://www.hundredpushups.com/ ) and did 70 perfect pushups yesteday in the gym, took a 1 minute rest and cranked out another 50. Think I'm gonna do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED i've never done any since uni.

If anyone wants to get a bit stronger and tone without spending a penny on expensive equipment then I highly recommend the challenge - it caters for everyone as there are different training paths depending on your initial test and every 2 weeks you retest). Even if you struggle with 10 dont sweat it, you build up at your own rate and can redo weeks if u like.

Anyway guys, hang in there! I've loved reading everyones stories and even the struggles are problems shared. Thanks for the inspiration and support.



  • SuzMcH
    SuzMcH Posts: 343 Member
    Good for you Kenny.

    You're just showing off with the push ups !!
  • raqattack8
    Congratulation Kenny!!!!! Awesome that you got to your goal weight
  • Lisa0711
    Lisa0711 Posts: 1,405 Member
    Congrats on the weight loss and amazing job on the pushups!
  • kwardklinck
    kwardklinck Posts: 1,601
    That's incredible loss. Great work!
  • Яaquel
    Яaquel Posts: 90
    Congrats on losing all the weight & reaching your goal =]
  • PoeRaven
    PoeRaven Posts: 433 Member
    Your post is very inspiring Kenny...Congratulations on reaching your goal!
    Good luck in all you do... :smile:

    Jan a.k.a. PoeRaven

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  • DamienRiceFan
    That is fantastic news : ) I can't wait to post the same topic someday myself!
  • ladyofivy
    ladyofivy Posts: 648
    Just wonderful. :n) Very inspiring! Congratulations! :flowerforyou:
  • Laine
    Laine Posts: 82 Member
    Congrats on your accomplishments!!!! Hitting goal weight and making it so far on the puch up challenge! Such a great feeling to see results after working so hard!!
  • jlbay
    jlbay Posts: 473 Member
    Those are magic words! Congratulations.
  • kwardklinck
    kwardklinck Posts: 1,601
    Thanks for the information. I'm going to start the push ups thing today. I really need the squats but not sure that would go well with my running. I think I'll start those after my 5 K.
  • SammiAnne11
    SammiAnne11 Posts: 158 Member
    Great to hear your success story! Way to go!:flowerforyou:
  • erickirb
    erickirb Posts: 12,293 Member
    Excellent job. soon you will get to eat more for maintenance, which after dieting for a while can be difficult. Good luck
  • Kudzu
    Kudzu Posts: 87 Member
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! :drinker:
  • LostTeen
    LostTeen Posts: 110
    Congrats thats great =]
  • MBEB
    MBEB Posts: 3
    Congrats, Kenny!!! Thanks for the pushups website!
  • dmags
    dmags Posts: 303
  • aippolito1
    aippolito1 Posts: 4,894 Member
    Wow, that's awesome! I started at 180 on January 1st and I'm only down to 164. IMPRESSIVE. :) BUT, men do lose weight faster/easier. :P
  • JJRunning
    JJRunning Posts: 146
    Congrats!!! That's awesome:laugh:
  • fietsdebbie
    Awesome! I love reading about success stories. I plan to be one hopefully in the summer time!
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