Need some friends who want to join me in losing 52 pounds i



  • Mickey73
    Mickey73 Posts: 19
    I would love to be your buddy, I just joined and I could lose 52 lbs..... I am so excited about this site and need lots of support!!!
  • megamom
    megamom Posts: 920 Member
    I have more then that to lose also but would be happy to join in the journey.
  • Momma2four
    Momma2four Posts: 1,534
    I would like to lose 52 in 52!!!! I need to lose more than that but the last 52 weeks I have lost 44. I would love to bump that up this year.
  • lucky1ns
    lucky1ns Posts: 358 Member
    Maybe this is the first "52 in 52" thread that we could have on a regular basis to share and support those happy with a pound a week loss.
  • kirby07
    kirby07 Posts: 2
    Good luck with your goal. Im working on losing 40lbs myself. I recently started the step diet. You should look into it. Its working well for me so far.
  • seesylrun
    seesylrun Posts: 22 Member
    I'm with you 100%. Here we go.... :)
  • ive been a yoyo dieter for my entire life. im 50 years old. im diabetic, have high blood pressure,nearly lost my foot and leg last year etc well u get the picture if i say i have to lose fifty pounds, like ive always said, then i get overwhelmed and quit. i have to look at one pound a week or ill never do it. food is killing me and i hate the way i look and hate the way i feel etc my sister chose to have surgery and lost 78 pds. i dont want surgery. i want to do this right. my daughter joined first so i decided to check it out. i reach my calorie goal by 11 am thats so sad. im a compulsive overeater couch potato and i need friends on here for support and ill do my best to support all of u. i have no friends who want to join. so i have to depend solely on u. please pray for me thank u all
  • msliberty
    msliberty Posts: 7 Member
    I would love to join you.:happy:
  • klt1030
    klt1030 Posts: 82 Member
    Count me in too!
  • Is it too late to join? :blushing:
  • JoanKB
    JoanKB Posts: 6 Member
    Room for 1 more? I've been stuck - no progress, but I'm getting better at least logging in. :flowerforyou:
  • emathoen
    emathoen Posts: 1 Member
    Hi - I'm new here and would love to join in!
    I don't have quite 52 to loose - but pretty close!
    I've never dieted before - I don't know the first thing about it and have a poor track record with exercise.
    I'm excited to see all the enthusiasm here!
  • Catdemar
    Catdemar Posts: 69 Member
    I'm in to lose 20-25lbs I lost 12 then gained 3 back and almost gave up this week. I travel on business a lot so it gets tough to keep on track. I like to keep acountable to others it helps me. It's hard because I always post from my cell. I need to keep up with my 5 year old son and husband who thinks he's 12. The more friends the Merry.
  • shesgotaplan
    shesgotaplan Posts: 29 Member
    I want to lose exactly 52 lbs, so count me in.

    Please send friend requests.
  • jrobert
    jrobert Posts: 2
    I will support you on your journey. I've lost 12 pounds in 27 days. I'm trying to stay between 12-1300 calories per day and workout 3-4 days aweek.
    Good luck and happy Easter everyone :flowerforyou:
  • Yay, checking in with my first week's weight loss - 7lbs since 1st April! I now have 53 lbs to lose, so at the rate I'm going that should be in about 8 weeks time! :laugh:

    Seriously, I know my first week's loss is always a big one, now I have to settle in for the long haul and buckle down to the 0.5 - 1lb per week loss. Next mini goal for me is getting under 180 lbs, maybe I can do that in time for the Bank Holiday weekend in May.

    Hope you all doing grand!