This is crazy. 53 lbs since 8/26/12

I'm 5'5
SW 242 8/26
CW 189 12/29

Oh man oh man. You can really do anything you put your mind to.
What did I do? I stop letting other people tell me what I could and couldn't do. I moved away from home at 20 with some courage and a prayer. Got out of a abusive relationship, and really began to love myself. The most important thing I did was built a relationship with God and change me completely.

August 26- Sept 26 I did 30 Day Shred and lost 21 lbs.
September 26- Nov 26 I ran on the treadmill. 3.5-4.0 mph for an hour every weekday. Weekends I did nothing lol.
Nov 26- to now.... Lol idk! I was 202 Nov 26. 197 on Dec 2nd, my 21st bday! ;) Now I'm 189. I seriously just said holy ****.

I went Vegetarian up until my birthday smh lol but I'm starting again for 2013.
Haven't had a soda in four months, fried foods, I've prob had 7 small bags of Cheetos or Doritos since 8/26. Hey that's good for me lol. No juice. Only water. Only water. Only water. I drink a gallon per day. Fish, Shrimp wild caught. Egg whites, nature valley bars, basically only healthy stuff. No meat! No eating out! Unless its TOM lol and I'm craving pizza. Maybe I did it 3x. OMG no fast food! Did I say only water? I keep around 1200 calories per day. And I've been to Roscoes twice. Lol beast.

I am now happy. No more suicidal thoughts. I found my purpose and I'm pursuing it now. Striving to be that Proverbs 31 woman.
My GW is 140 lbs but y'all know I'm getting to 128 right lol? I've been fat all my life and its disgusting. My grandma used to tell me when I was little that I was fat and ugly... Sent her a picture of me last week and she called me crying asking for forgiveness.

Man.., y'all can all do this. I went from loving other people too much... Wait wtf am I really writing this?!!!!!
Lol tears. I LOVE MFP Forreal!




  • SwimTheButterfly
    SwimTheButterfly Posts: 265 Member
    So proud of you hun! You look fantastic. You are beautiful inside & out!
  • amy32lynn
    amy32lynn Posts: 157 Member
    fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look great!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  • suwannak
    suwannak Posts: 11 Member
    Atta girl!! Way to push away all the crap and kick *kitten*!!!
    You look AMAZING and it sounds like on the inside you're finding your way as well. Good luck on your journey, keep it up!!
  • Rhs1148
    Rhs1148 Posts: 3 Member
    :happy: What a awesome report.................You have inspired me .You have reclaimed your life........Most of all the, relationship with Christ.........the weight loss.......the joy i hear in your life as I read it............You proved that there is no such thing as cannot or /no,,,,,,,,,,,,,You are also a beautiful young lady......Just awesome..........May the Lord continue to Bless your life richly in the future.YOU GO GIRL.
  • pacbug
    pacbug Posts: 5 Member
    Your story is a blessing to me and so many others. You deserve props for doing this now while you are so young. :wink: This is my first week, I was down 8.2 lbs....I have a long journey ahead but will continue reading posts from others like you who will inspire and motivate me to take it one day at a time!!! Happy New Year!
  • Congrats!!! Lookin' smoking hott! :drinker:
  • jimmyalice1984
    jimmyalice1984 Posts: 171 Member
    You've done an amazing job turning your life around, getting rid of the negative and bringing so much positivity into your world, you deserve to be proud of your achievements and happy in your life, and having seen your pictures I have to say that even if you were overweight as a child there's no way you were ugly, you are beautiful, you have learned so much in your young life about how cruel and ignorant some people can be, just think of what a great role model you could be for young girls who are experiencing the same attitudes you faced and hating themselves because of it and not believing they are worthy of a better life. This is just the beginning for you :flowerforyou:
  • msundrstd1
    msundrstd1 Posts: 27 Member
    Be proud of yourself, and continue to build that relationship with God!
  • missmegan831
    missmegan831 Posts: 824 Member
    Be proud of yourself not just for the weight loss and dedication, but for getting yourself out of an abusive relationship and realizing that you are WORTH more than that... your story brought tears to my eyes... Keep up the positive attitude and the possibilities are endless :)
  • amann1976
    amann1976 Posts: 742 Member
  • fisherman987
    fisherman987 Posts: 19 Member
    What a wonderful thing you have done! Most importantly you have been given a gift from God and it's good that you are thankful for His blessings. Continue to work hard and be thankful and realize that God loves you just the way you are and he wants you to be succesful in all you do. Remember God's word says "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me", and you are showing that is true!
  • Jennifer_Lynn_1982
    Jennifer_Lynn_1982 Posts: 567 Member
    congratulations...that's an amazing accomplishment...its amazing what we can do hey?! Keep it up....such a great story!
  • Micheller1210
    Micheller1210 Posts: 460 Member
    Just Beautiful!
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