What is the one food you wish had no calories



  • Either butter, cheesecake or lattes:love:
  • BlueLadyBug22
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    It's more than one but Chinese food period!
  • petersonabt
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    Hands down...ice cream! lol
  • rwhyte12
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    Wendy's French Fries. They're so good now.
  • tere1953
    tere1953 Posts: 1 Member
    rice!! and red meats
  • JerseyGirl081
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    Cheesesteaks!! :P *drool*
  • jzammetti
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  • SoViLicious
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  • Contrarian
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    I wish cheese was kind to animals.
  • coolraul07
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    I'd trade the 'calorie-free' wish for a 'sodium-free' wish any day of the week. BUT, sticking to the actually topic... um, trail mix! I bought a food scale a few months ago and made single-serving snack bags.... eye opening! In 2011, I estimate that I probably ate 700-900 cals of trail mix in a sitting at my previous job. Now I only eat it when I have a massive amount of cals/sodium headroom at the end of the day (maybe once every 2 months!)
  • pagoubupa
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  • LonaMB
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    definitely everything that comes from chick-fil-a, especially the chicken sandwich and waffle fries
  • kittycatkay
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  • verdancyhime
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    Just for fun! What's the one food/meal that you wish wasn't unhealthy for you?

    Mine is super plain. Chips. Any and all kinds. It's my addiction. I actually haven't had any since I started running a week and a half ago, (and im going strong! Almost got a small bag while grocery shopping yesterday but put it back because I didn't need it lol) but I wish that I could eat them as if they were celery!

    What about you?

    Oh god, this. I will know when I've completely changed all my disordered eating habits because I will be able to eat less than a whole bag of sour cream and onion chips in one sitting. Right now, I just don't buy them.
  • dsckrc
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    chocolate, pecan, caramel clusters!
  • deanjou59
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    Pizza, Chicken Wings, and Peanut Butter! :)
  • TattedCharli
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  • toya316
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  • TattedCharli
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  • Ok cheating like many others who have posted on this topic and can;t choose just one 4 way tie...
    Hot chips