No more elastic waists!*40*Nursing Student*Cat lover

Hi, I'm brand new to MFP. I'm looking for some friends who also need support.

I'm 40 and have returned to school to become a nurse after working for years in an office. This is great, but I've found that the scrubs I'm wearing while I work as a CNA/CHHA are waaaay too forgiving when it comes to extra weight.

New Year's Resolution - I will record my food daily. I will not buy any more scrub pants with an elastic waist, or oversize scrub tops.

I need to work on losing some weight and being accountable,and I thought having some friends as a cheer group would help.

My two kitties and I are all going on a health food kick. They need to lose some weight too, according to the vet :)

Friend me and let's support each other!


  • ccb1030
    ccb1030 Posts: 84 Member
    Nursing school was the worst 5 years of my life! That's when I packed on the majority of my weight. Good luck and glad to see you here :)
  • jlcobbmom
    Hi, I'm new also and need some friends to help keep me going. I am a nurse and I put on alot of my weight during nursing school. I think I'm a stress eater or something. My name is Jessica. Hopefully we can chat and have some fun while loosing weight. I love to try new recipes and I have some to share as well!!