Need Weight Loss Buddies!!

I have been on MFP for a while, but typically forget to log unless I'm in a super diet mode! Last year I was given a weight loss pill by my Dr and I lost 30 pounds, still far off from the 82 that I'd like to lose, but five months after the pill ended I gained all my weight back! And I mean ALL OF IT! So this time I am going to try it healthy, my main goal is to eat a low carb diet. I need distractions from snacking so I am looking for some weight loss buddies that I can swap stories, recipes, and just daily events back and fourth!

Anything else you'd like to know please ask!!



  • EvelynMama
    I'll be your weight loss buddy!!! =)
  • Stinkerbelle84
    I'll be your buddy. I am very active on here, and I think the more the merrier!
  • amyfliesalot
    amyfliesalot Posts: 51 Member
    Today's my first day on MFP, but I think I can still be a cheerleader. Add me to your friends list!
  • TLTucker80
    TLTucker80 Posts: 123 Member
    I'll be weight loss buddies with you. I need buddies too. I'm new to this and my dr has started me on the AMP injections and Phentermine 37.5gs
  • jbeanv
    jbeanv Posts: 32 Member
    I need buddies! I've been on here on an off over the past few months just checking it out, but I"m trying to commit to it now. I'd like to lose around 70 lbs.
  • jlcobbmom
    I'll be a weight loss buddy too. I'm new on here as well. My father was just diagnosed with diabetes and I'm realizing how prevalent it is in my family. I need to loose 50 lbs. I'm so scared of becoming a diabetic. So let's all encourage each other to stick with this and have some fun and get our lives back!!!! It's a new year, a new start to a new life!! Yeehaaa :)
  • Shanellz
    I need all the weight lost buddies I can get! I've tried to lose weight numerous of times but I never been more serious this year! Anyone add me!
  • Kayla_292to165
    Kayla_292to165 Posts: 249 Member
    i'm 29 years old with 108 lbs to lose. add me if you'd like :) and anyone else is free to as well.
  • holly1007
    holly1007 Posts: 102 Member
    Happy to be your weight loss buddy! feel free to add me:)
  • Kayleylou89
    Ill also be a buddy for anyone :)
    Please add me :drinker:
  • dga226
    dga226 Posts: 224 Member
    iam in i lost some still have like 60 or so to go
  • Cynduck
    Cynduck Posts: 255 Member
    Feel free to add me as we'll!
  • wsalusky
    wsalusky Posts: 11 Member
    I joined MFP five days ago, and wish I new about it when I started my weight loss program. I started working on the Ideal Protein program on December 21st, and it was really hard for the first week [not to mention the holidays], but I held strong and now I think I've got the hang of it. I struggle with family meals when my kids have their usual meals and I can smell what they are eating. I had no idea how hooked I was to empty carbs, but its the no-no's in the early phase of my current program that really kill me. This evening I smelled peanut butter and I started drooling like Pavlov's dog. I'm not sure if I'm looking to lose another 50 or 70 lbs. 50 lbs will put me at high school weight, but 70 lbs is the top end for "normal" at my height. Who makes up these numbers?

    Anyway, I'd like buddies!
  • courtneyisaac31
    I'll be your weight loss buddy too. I have 50lbs to loose and I just want to be healthy...So add me :tongue:
  • jbirdica
    jbirdica Posts: 37 Member
    I will be anyones weight loss buddy, as I need a few more also! I have about 70 pounds to lose! But would like to atleast lose 40 by June 1st when the waterpark opens!
  • jmonroe25
    Hi all, I am somewhat new. It has been a while since I have been on here. I did weight watchers and got on my treadmill EVERYDAY. I was able to loose 25 lbs. I need encouragement and will help provide encouragement. Losing weight is very hard I know but once you get into the groove of it and eating healthy, it will be easier. Feel free to add me as a buddy. I look forward to seeing our progress.
  • nemosarah
    nemosarah Posts: 24 Member
    add me as your buddy too :-) x
  • sunflowerbrandy
    I'm game for new buddies also.

    Here are some of my tips to share--
    I measure everything when im at the top of my game, I try not to eat late dinners or snack after 8pm. If I want something I eat it with MODERATION, if you tell me I can't have it Im likely to eat it anyway.. For Soda always diet with lots of ice, add lemon to water for extra flavor. For those of you that don't have an app of MFP grab a quick calorie book to monitor during your day.. Walk on your lunch breaks, and don't forget to reward yourself, be truthful when you add your intakes if not your only hurting yourself.
    Good Luck.. Jess
  • Hi my name is Kayleigh and today is my first day on mfp. I need a buddy as Well to help me stay on track. I have been dieting since May 2012 and went from 255lbs down to 199 but still have 35lbs to go and it seems like these last few pounds just will not come off. So I have recently started on bee pollen along with a B12 vitiamin now I just need a buddy.
  • lauraping05
    I am working creating a cheer leading section so that my friends and I can keep ourselves motivated. We all have different reasons for wanting to lose weight but we are all insecure about it and need lots of encouragement. Anyone can feel free to add me!