New Member as of Today! Looking for MFP Friends to Add



  • Hi i just started too!!! im a mother of a 9 mo old and im wanting to lose my baby weight plus a lot extra!! need buddies to keep encouraged
  • Scatterdragon
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    I am not new on here, and most of my pals have become MIA, so I could use some more support. I have 6 months till my wedding and NEED to get slimmer!
  • everyone please feel free to add me. I am starting over after going mia since october. been watching what i eat how much i eat but not working out as much. picking that back up today.lets rock it in 2013!
  • All please feel free to add me too! Just joined last week and could use some motivation as I'm finding this quite difficult along with marathon training. :(
  • welcome aboard! anyone can add me if you like. i'm on at least 6x wk. & try to be supportive to all! log daily your food, and honestly, (theres no nasty beeping or anything when you go over) because its important to know what you are eating and, its actually makes it a bit of a game to resist 1 treat at a time. and try to get in a few minutes activity at least.
  • smellyrichelley
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    Hi Tammy! I'm on fairly often and could use all the help and support I can get! Sending you a friend request right now :D
  • I am newish...for the second time around. I think we could all use a little encouragement! Add me if you like!
  • Hello everyone :) I'm in desperate need of some support and motivation. I'm 23 and a new mother to an almost 9 week old and I am 42 lbs overweight according to the charts. I feel so deeply depressed about my looks, and have also lost my dream of joining the military due to being overweight. Any help would be much appreciated :) and im more then willing to help anyone else who is in need. Lets get together and make our weight loss goals a reality :)
  • Welcome! Friend request sent :) We can all use support and motivation!
  • robingoblin
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    Feel free to add me too! I'll be your cheerleader when you burn a lot of calories or stay under your limit! :)

    I think this amazing support network is the reason this will actually work for me. It's been frustrating because my body has been adjusting in weird ways and not losing like I want it to (yet), but my MFP friends push me onward! :)
  • bachampion04
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    Everyone is welcome to add me for encouragement and to always motivate me as we get to our goal weights and healthy lifestyle.
  • mathildapops
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    Hi I'm new too. I'm a mother of 2 teenage boys, love chocolate, cheese & wine but hate excercise, I previously lost 56lb on another wight loss plan, but have gained 15lb over the last year so need motivating to begin again. Please feel free to add me, I will be on every day, good luck everyone x
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    Sending you a friend request. Anyone else, please feel free to add me.
  • makunmakun
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    Friend request sent! I've been using MFP for awhile and decided to make a resolution this year to add new friends for the support and encouragement.
  • Feel free to include me! I could use the support also, and I love meeting new friends.
  • marvybells
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    i am pretty new as well, and always ready to welcome a new buddy :)