Citrus & canker sores

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I am not a fruit eater. About the only fruit I enjoy is grapefruit. Sadly, my mouth becomes inidated with canker sores upon consumption. Any suggestion?...please and thank you!


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    Suck it up and eat a banana. :-P
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    Thanks Sis! I non like nanners, not even a little. I do eat grapes, some berries and apples but I [email protected] grapefruit. Post was meant for advice to speed up the healing on the 5 sores I currently have but thank you.
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    I know it sounds weird but try rinsing your mouth out with a little liquid benadryl (or generic version) after you eat grapefruit. I'm really prone to them and I find this really helps...doesn't taste great, but works. Canker sores are caused by a runaway inflammatory response that starts out a bit like an allergy (in response to irritation)....the antihistamine helps stop the release of histamines that triggers the inflammation that creates the ulcers.

    It also helps to prevent them from getting really large an painful and can speed up healing if you catch them early.
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    Not weird at all. The docs at work sometimes rx a "magic mouthwash" and I do believe it is part benedryl. Is the children's you use? What dosage? Do you mix with water?
  • Acidophilus vitamins will help ask the pharmacist about these, GNC has them also'
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    Thanks Sis! I non like nanners, not even a little. I do eat grapes, some berries and apples but I [email protected] grapefruit. Post was meant for advice to speed up the healing on the 5 sores I currently have but thank you.

    You missy are a freak not liking da nanas! That notwithstanding could you be allergic to grapefruit? If so you might try eating the canned stuff, it has been cooked so the proteins are denatured. If you think it is the acidity you might try protecting your mouth area with a lip balm based on medical grade lanolin before you eat grapefruit?

    You could also try an immune supporting diet - things like oily fish especially for the long chain omega-3s can help calm certain allergies and support the skin barrier. Lastly stop using anything on your face or mouth area that contains sulphate surfactants, that means many foaming face washes and commercial toothpastes. My lip skin improved within days doing this and I have heard others report fewer dermatological disorders in this area from cold sores to perioral dermatitis.
  • First off, bananas are disgusting. I'd rather starve than eat one, so I'm with you on that.

    I've tried EVERYTHING to get rid of my canker sores, as I am prone to them, and have been my whole life. The vitamins, creams, gels, mouth wash, not eatting my beloved grapefruit, all to no avail.

    Last year I finally found something that works. I've had one or two canker sores in the last year, where as before I have had as many as 10 at once, and frequently had at least 1 at all times.

    I stopped brushing my teeth at night. Its super gross to admit, and it took some time to get used too, but its the only thing that has worked. I brush in the morning, and sometimes at night I use just water if I'm feeling the need to, but usally not.

    Try it for a month and see.
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    I sometimes use about 1Tbsp as a mouthwash for 1 minute 2 times a day when I'm expecting a flair up. when I make the "magic mouthwash version" I mix it 50/50 with kaopectate (sounds even stranger). I don't notice a big difference between using the straight benadryl and the blend.

    Also consider switching to an SLS free toothpaste. Sodium Laureth Sulfate can cause irritation to the inside of your mouth. In people prone to canker sores this can actually cause them.
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    Again, not weird! Rx magic mouthwash is benedryl, ladocaine and malox...I think. And thank you PineyGirl! Fiance went and bought my liquid benedryl. In addition, toothpaste is nearly empty so Fri I will look for SLS free paste.
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    I get canker sores before my period... you can take L-Lysine! It helps with mouth health! Repairs oral damage!
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    When we got them as kids our Mom just made us swish salt water in our mouths. It really did work.
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    This thread is making my mouth hurt! Ouch!