Katherine Webb - Brent Musburger

"You quarterbacks," Musburger said. "You get all the good-looking women. What a beautiful woman."

Was Brent out of line???

I am going to pretend that this topic or your opinion on it matters to me, or anyone for that matter. The truth is I just wanted a reason to post a picture of the babe! Please feel free to add more pictures. :)



  • RyanWilson1993
    RyanWilson1993 Posts: 409 Member
    I bet AJ got some sugar walls later on that night! he is one lucky man for sure
  • _the_feniks_
    _the_feniks_ Posts: 3,511 Member
    Not out of line, I don't think. I also don't think she is very attractive... she ain't got no purdy mouth.
  • rompers16
    rompers16 Posts: 5,429 Member
    Not out of line..his opinion.
  • DamnImASexyBitch
    DamnImASexyBitch Posts: 740 Member
    She's 23-year-old model and Miss Alabama USA 2012. I'm sure it's not the first nor last time someone is going to put her in the spotlight for her looks. She better enjoy it while she can.
  • This was blown so out of porportion. It's not like he said anything bad about her, he said she was attractive. Just a horny old dude speaking the truth! LOL
  • laddyboy
    laddyboy Posts: 1,565 Member
    Nope..not out of line.
  • drog2323
    drog2323 Posts: 1,386 Member
    i just thought it was funny. he kept going on and on about it! I think Herbie was a little embarrased for him. Thought brent was gonna blow his beans! LOL
  • Giraffe33991
    Giraffe33991 Posts: 434 Member
    Nope, not out of line. Media is trying to create a story out of nothing. Everyone is so sensitive these days! Can't even throw out a compliment to a "Beauty Pagent Contestant"
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