Anyone who's sw is 200lbs+ ?

I'd love to add more big guys / girls =3


  • Well...I'm under 200 now, but my sw was 212 :)

    Actually, 205 when I joined MFP. But I had lost 7 lbs.
  • I am wayyy over 200+ and I have around 100+ to lose :)
    Please all feel free to add me x
  • Brainiak20
    Brainiak20 Posts: 26 Member
    Currently at 217lbs. First mini-goal is to get below 200.
  • Still over 200, planning for 50 off this year. Add me if you wish. This is a lifestyle for me so I will be around for a long time to come.
  • You can add me, I have a ways to go!
  • mycrazy8splus1
    mycrazy8splus1 Posts: 1,558 Member
    I started at 210 and 8 months later I am at 162. Keep it up. You CAN do this!!!
  • NoMoreFlubbering
    NoMoreFlubbering Posts: 95 Member
    I've been fighting between 217 and 172 for 4 years. Add me, I'd love more friends!
  • LoveMy3Boys
    LoveMy3Boys Posts: 562 Member
    Starting weight 203 :( heaviest I've ever been not pregnant.

    Current weight 196.2

    Goal weight 125

    I'm 5'3"
  • MzDfy
    MzDfy Posts: 14
    I joined MFP the day after Thanksgiving, but here's where I started:
    2010: HW 245
    2011/12: 220-210
    2012: 210
    2013: CW 203

    I have a goal weight of 140, but I have such a long way to go, so I think it's safe to add me to the group! :)
  • Im 1lb away from being under 200lbs. I started out at 242lbs last year. I would love to be in contat with bigger MFP users and it bugs me when skinny girls whing about their weight.
  • Iceman420
    Iceman420 Posts: 195
    I'm way above 200. Add me if you want more big people.
  • slboling
    slboling Posts: 117 Member
    Started at 391. So just a little over 200.
  • Started at 354.... that's above 200 for sure ;)
    Add me if you'd like :)
  • moonport
    moonport Posts: 97 Member
    Started at 235. Long way to go.
  • Keiras_Mom
    Keiras_Mom Posts: 844 Member
    I started at around 278, and am heading into maintenance, around 7 pounds from my goal weight.
  • Greeneyez09
    Greeneyez09 Posts: 5 Member
    SW: 237 (May 2012)
    CW: 202
    GW: being healthy

    I joined MFP a few months ago, but have been dieting and exercising since May, 2012. I fell off the wagon with logging in before Christmas, but am determined to start the new year off right! Christmas was a hardship and gained a few pounds back (5), but have lost those. Add me if you'd like :-)
  • I started at 289 last year, I have only been on MFP a few days though. I am currently at 249. I had lost 50lbs but then gained 10. When I saw that I had gained that kicked started me into wanting to get back on track. Feel free to add me I would love to have a group of people where we can support one another.
  • kimad
    kimad Posts: 3,011 Member
    My starting weight was 245lbs, my heighest weight was 280lbs.
    You are welcome to add me.
  • slameo
    slameo Posts: 1
    i am 206
  • saintspoon
    saintspoon Posts: 242 Member
    My heighest weight was 260. I joined MFP after losing 60 & gaining 30 so starting weight was around 230.
    I am now about 205!
    I have a long way to go still & just like the last time I lost 60 lbs, I find it much harder to lose weight at my new weight here. Honestly i could use the support way more now than when i was 260. @ 260 i was SUPER motivated & now it's just way harder.