I am really interested in starting to Jog/Run but I wonder at what weight is it safe to start? I still have a ways to go before I am even close to 200lbs but wanted to start running ASAP but still want to be safe because of the impact that this could physically have on my body. I am wondering at what weight did some people start jogging/running?


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    are you already walking or speed walking? that will tell you pretty quickly how much your knees can take!
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    Try the Couch to 5K program. I don't think there is a certain weight as much as it is based upon time. It's slow and steady and very easy to do and I think you'll enjoy it. Awesome that you want to change things up. Great job on your weight loss so far.
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    I am currently at 288 and I started a few weeks ago. I started the c25k running program. It has been okay on my body so far- the first time I had ran (literally in years) I ended up with sore knees, but they feel okay now! I think you can just try and see if your body can handle it. The first week is walking briskly for 5 mins, then run 1 minute, walk 1.5 mins, and alternate until 20 minutes. I did this 3 times the first week. Try it and see what your body tells you. Good luck!
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    That's going to be different for every individual. I have a friend who started running at about 220 pounds and she did great. I started at about 150 pounds and had a lot of trouble with my knee until I found the right stability shoe.

    I would say that if you don't have issues with your knees now, it's OK to give it a try. Just start slow. Maybe try running for one minute at a time followed by five minutes or so of walking. Gradually increase the time you run. Take it slow and pay attention to any pain you have. If it hurts, stop. If it doesn't, keep going.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks everyone. I am walking a lot now. I usually do the inclines in the parking garage on my morning 15 minute break and my lunch. sometimes when the weather isn't that nice i walk 30 minutes on the treadmill at work and I do my Biggest Loser 30 day jump start video Tues- Friday mornings. I was really just worried about if my body will suffer major damage from the excessive weight but after hearing about the couch to 5k program and seeing how it is for superstarcassie, I think I may try that couch to 5k program and see how it is for me.
  • If you feel ready then begin! C25K is great because it starts you slow and you work your way up. I took 3-4 weeks at each week before I moved onto the next week but thats ok I did the program but at my own pace. And I think I started around 252lbs. Thing is you will get to know your body you will see and feel the changes but also if you get a pain or hurt take a day or two break then start again. I'm now 215lbs and run 4-6 times a week. I still do interval running but who cares I'm running and I enjoy it most days.
  • I started running last June at 250 pounds. Less than a year later I am almost under 200 and I'll be running a 10 mile race this Saturday. You can totally do it at any weight you just need to listen to your body and listen closely.

    I REALLY liked Prevention's Turn Your Walk Into a Run. It's very easy and really takes the time to ease you into it and get a good start. There's really no questions about how often and when with this particular program. All spelled out for you.

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    I think that this depends on your personal health/ability. I am currently at 222. I didn't think that I would be able to run/jog but tried out one day of the C25K program ( and, although it wasn't easy, I was able to do it. I should also mention that my knees are pretty screwed up. I plan on starting the program for real today. :o)

    You might want to talk to your doctor about it and see what he/she has to say. :o)

    Good luck!!!
  • I originally started at around 230, but I was also doing a boot camp at the same time and found the two together were too much, so I put the running on hold. By the time I started again I was around 200, and that seemed to go better. I do know some people who started running at even higher weights, (250+) so I know it is doable.

    I guess I would say, just listen to your body! The vast majority of running injuries are not one-time things, they are over-use injuries that develop gradually and almost always have warning signs -- so you'll know it / feel it if it's not working. So just give it a try -- start just running a few intervals on the treadmill once a week or something and see where you go from there!
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    There really is no predetermined weight as which you should begin..I initially told myself I needed to be below 250 before I started (which is where I was when I lost about 100 pounds 15 years ago), but didn't pay attention and casually started at 275 on lap followed by walking a lap and so on. I would run exactly 1:40 per lap so that I new exactly how many laps where a mile and a good even number to put into MFP. I built it up to where I would run 10 to 15 minutes non-continous during a workout, until one Sunday (about 4 weeks ago) I tried to stretch it to 20 minutes. I felt the pain and had to give it up, which I started the elliptical and have loved it more. I actually did several sprints on a treadmill yesterday to test the pain tolerance, and it was ok. I did one minute sprints starting at 6.0 then 6.5, 7.0 and 7.5; and my body wasn't overreacting even after 65 minutes of an elliptical workout.

    It is really up to you an your body to determine, start out slow and progressively add on...joint pain is probably your best indicator that your doing too much. Hope that this helps.

    P.S. I started at about 311 and I'm currently 266.2, in almost 4 1/2 months.
  • I started the c25k when I was about 200 pounds and that was 2 years ago. I've been running ever since. That, combined with healthy eating and this site, helped me lose about 60 pounds. I don't think there's any set 'weight' that a person should start at though, just give it a try and listen to your body. :) Good luck!
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    I started at 250lbs. I did have some issues with Sciatica at that weight but jogging on a slight incline helps with that a lot. I would say if you want to do it you are probably ready to try it. I would advise interval training (a mixture of running and walking) not only will it ease you into running but its the best thing for weight loss too. Good luck.
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    I think I will start tomorrow and see how this goes for me. I always see "skinny" girls running in the area that I live and always said that it looks so relaxing and remember when i was thinner that I really enjoyed being more physically active and always thought about running and never did and then last year I saw my Husband's cousin that was as large as I am right now and she started running about 2 years ago and is now really thin and runs everyday and loves it so I thought about it alot recently and really want to run and maybe some day to a mini marathon but right now I just want to run!!!!!
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    I started the Couch-Potato-to-5 K in January, at 219, and followed it at my own pace, with normal life "interuptions" limiting the number of times I could work out a week. I can now run 2 miles! And along with eating healthier, I've lost 13 pounds. Two other critcal factors are getting fitted for running shoes, and wearing proper bras to eliminate bounce. I wear 2 bras, one a size smaller over my regular bra. It works!
  • sdwelk11
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    I started the Couch-Potato-to-5 K in January, at 219, and followed it at my own pace, with normal life "interuptions" limiting the number of times I could work out a week. I can now run 2 miles! And along with eating healthier, I've lost 13 pounds. Two other critcal factors are getting fitted for running shoes, and wearing proper bras to eliminate bounce. I wear 2 bras, one a size smaller over my regular bra. It works!

    i have some really good running shoes because I work in a hospital and we used to wear scrubs but now we wear business attire. I didn't think about the bra situation. Mine are pretty small so I am thinking I won't need to double up but you never know.
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    I think the best thing to do is consult your doctor.

    Everyone is going to be different.

    I know a lady who wratched her knees just WALKING. She was walking two hours a day and lost some weight but not before she messed up her knees and joints so it's really best to consult with a professional who can give you tips on what to look out for and how best to go about things.
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    Michael on the biggest loser is running at 390lbs. You don't have to be able to run for a long time or distance, most people can't when they first start. Try adding intervals to your walking workout, I don't like couch to 5k but found interval training worked best for me.
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    I think running sounds like fun... but I'm terrified of the treadmill, LOL. Seriously, I have balance issues (due to deafness in one ear) so I rarely walk on the treadmill without holding on for stability. I don't think I can run on one and hold on at the same time. But I've been thinking about taking my workout outside and trying to run some intervals. I'll have to check out the couch to 5K thing... Sounds great!!
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    I was curious about running/jogging, too.
    So during my regular walk, I started by jogging for 30 seconds at a time, then walked fast the rest of the time. I was amazed at how i was able to increase the jogging spells.
    Have fun!