'Shakefit' vibration plates - legit or not?

So what's the deal with these vibration machines? Legit form of exercise, or expensive waste of time?

I'm honestly curious, there's a shake fit place that's opened in my town recently and I wondered if anyone had any experience with them. At 5'3 and 108lbs I don't want to lose any weight, just flatten out my stomach a bit and shape my arms for my wedding in June.


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    Waste of time.

    The results you're seeking is going to come from weightlifting.
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    Plz send link for vibration equipment want exercise for something plaze halp
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    The theory, as I understand it, is that doing the exercises on the vibration plates cause tiny little muscle contractions in your stabilizer muscles. These additional calories add to your burn making it a more effective form of exercise.

    From a purely mathematical perspective that is true. 1.000001 is greater than 1. But the added increase in calorie burn from standing on those plates and exercising is dwarfed by one repetition of that exercise. In other words, save your money and do 11 squats instead of 10 and you'll be light years ahead in the burn department too.
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    What Rock said.

    http://amzn.com/1583333398 <- buy this book to start. New Rules of Lifting for Women.